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Happy Monday everyone.  Don’t worry if your work day isn’t perfect.  It never will be.  Remember that the basis of all healing and medicine is caring. Licensure is not necessary for caring.  It is necessary to practice medicine. If you’re just starting out in life, and have goals to become an RN/MD/NP, consider caregiving first. …

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Combat Medicine: The Real Doc Todd

Afghanistan Veteran George Todd knew he had to quit his day job and pursue his passion: music. In the February 2018 VFW Magazine, George Todd is featured in That’s a Rap. George knew he had to make music to cope with his own trauma and to help save lives.  George is also doing the valuable…

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A Conversation with a Carer

The rain in southern Appalachia could make Seattle seem like the Sunshine State at times.  This can be welcome and warm for some, but depressing and lonely for others. One way we can help Veterans combat depression is through silent service.  Movies like Thank you for your Service provide insight to elders what Millennial Veterans…

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Sunday in South Carolina

Spiritual but not religious describes many Millennial Veterans. Your role is a Carer is never to judge, always to listen, act, and empathize. Your detail is to imbue your Hero’s environment with a sense of ceremony.  Keep it clean, arrange things in a way pleasing to your Vet, and work with available resources to keep…

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Thank God It’s Friday may mean little to a Veteran or their Carer, since both duties can be 24/7. Have you been miserable getting your education and climbing the corporate ladder?  Many people have. It may be because you are not reading these words on a ladder.  You are reading them on a web.  You…

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Field Stripping the Freezer

Cleaning sponge with soap in shape of a heart

An easy rut to get into once you have lived in a home for a while is to throw food in the freezer, and you don’t quite know what’s there. A great way #Carers can help #VetsTogether is to field strip the freezer.  That’s right.  Take everything out of the freezer and place it in…

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Heidi Duty Commissions New Web Development

Ray and Heidi Christensen

Heidi Christensen, founder of Heidi Duty has commissioned the development of a new website to improve the companies outreach to local Veterans who may need non-medical in-home health services. Also, a new mobile application is being developed to allow easier access to resources, tools, and content that will help the local community.

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