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Archive for July 2018

Vets on the Farm Spokane

Vets on the Farm Spokane What a great way to integrate Veterans into civilian employment. The Spokane Conservation District offers this awesome agricultural opportunity to local Veterans through Vets on the Farm Spokane. This is a great example of how we will close the disparity between Military and civilian life. Thank you for serving America’s…

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Becki Hawkins, Hospice Chaplain and Nurse

Becki Hawkins, Hospice Chaplain and Nurse This is a great video, especially because Becki Hawkins comes from the Bible Belt like me. Yet she is not full of hellfire and brimstone. As a Florida born Methodist, I will say it was always hard for me to endure a Baptist raking me over the coals in…

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Austrian Economics Scholarship

What is your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? Mine is not a movie at all, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s beautiful PBS remake of Free To Choose, by Nobel prize winning Economist, Dr. Milton Friedman. The link to this 1990s series is hard to find now, but check out more at Making Austrian Economics accessible for…

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Caregiver Alternatives to Cannabis

While legal Cannabis is the rule of law in many states, that it is still illegal at the Federal level remains an issue for many Carers. So does the Hippocratic Oath, which existed long before HIPAA. We know two things of marijuana that do harm, which is a provision contrary to the Hippocratic Oath. First,…

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Demand Outstripping Supply

Forbes: The Shortage of Home Care Workers is a great article about the impending market forces within the in home care market. Before you insist that sending children away from our borders is a good thing, please consider that the child you happily sent back to Mexico today may have been the one to grow…

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Field Stripping the In Home Care Market

Dear Neighbor, If you’re reading this and you work for an in home care agency or for your own client/family member, then you know that demand for in home care workers far outstrips the available supply of workers. This labor market shortage has no end in sight. Although in home care is a low wage…

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Happy Independence Day

Dear Neighbors, Tomorrow marks the Independence Day holiday, which means different things to different people. What makes us all the same is that we’re all different. We are none of us totally dependent, nor totally independent. We are all interdependent, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. aptly noted. I will be working tomorrow, then enjoying…

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