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Archive for August 2018

Debbie’s Got the Tea LLC

Are you feeling sick, disgusted, and just plain busted?! Are you a #Caregiver who puts your own care last or ignores it all together? Do you eat too much to compensate for sleep deprivation, or because you have ignored your own planning? It’s like Richard Simmons says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Weight…

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Alaska Granny AR-15 Gun Safety Video

Check out this awesome #GunSafety video from Alaska Granny: Alaska Granny Teaches AR-15 #GunSafety There is no such thing as a dumb question. If you ever have a question about #GunSafety, ask me. If I don’t know, then I will help you find out. Thanks, Alaska Granny! You’re awesome. Check her out at #VetSafe…

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RIP Senator John S. McCain III

What a beautiful tribute from Meghan McCain for Senator John S. McCain III: Meghan McCain Shares Emotional Tribute from Glamour Magazine Ray ranted and raved about every Republican except him and me. Ray actually said he loved Senator McCain several times, for being a rational, reasonable Republican. I believe many people would say this of…

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Welcome to the Dolly Parton Garden

Dear Neighbors, Welcome to my Dolly Parton Garden. No matter where we lived, Mother always encouraged me to create a cheery landscape where my beloved Dolly Parton could come sit a spell and relax. I always make sure to have Marigolds a plenty, and something to attract Birds and Butterflies. I recently read a book…

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John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act

Dear Troops, Veterans, Vet Carers, and Civilian Allies, I am pleased to learn that this past Sunday President Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act into law per our friends at John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act This act contains a number of nonpartisan resources vital to Military families. Please…

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Another Word of Prayer about Guns and Butter

The best way to secure your weapons in the Spokane, Washington area is to contact Wing Sales, which is located across the street from Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop. Penny from Wing Sales has a wealth of knowledge, and can match you with the best Liberty Safe for your needs. Liberty Safes are…

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Another Word of Prayer about Women’s Work

When discussing women’s work, let’s not be so limited in our thinking. I am not saying a woman can’t do anything she sets her mind to, but I will always stand for my position and my experience that there is something missing in this world that is telling women to be more like men and…

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Gun Safety Training at Sharp Shooting Indoor Range

Check out this Firearms and You Seminar with Special Guest Instructor, Spokane County Prosecutor, Larry Haskell. This event will be Tuesday, 14 August 2018 from 18:00-20:30 hours – that’s 6pm-8:30pm for y’all Civilian Allies. 🙂 Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop is located at 1200 North Freya Street Spokane, Washington just North of I-90…

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A Word of Prayer about Women’s Work

Appalachian Americans don’t converse with Neighbors, we have a Word of Prayer with them. When is the last time you had an actual face to face conversation without any background noise, electronic devices, or multi-tasking? That’s what I thought. You can’t remember. Neither could I until I made a conscious decision to quit the human…

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IAVA Rapid Response Referral Program

IAVA Rapid Response Referral Program hosted a Quarterly RRRP Round-up event via Facebook Live on Thursday to discuss the many life changing services available to Veterans, Civilian Allies, and Caregivers. IAVA is unique in that its online programs specifically target post-9/11 Veterans to improve policies, programs, and community support for all Veterans. I encourage everyone…

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