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Archive for September 2018

Veteran Caregiver Gun Safety Certification

Heidi takes a somber moment to remind us all that Gun Safety is critical and the responsibility of all free people. She also comes bearing a priceless free gift. Contact Heidi to take your veteran caregiver gun safety training and take the exam for a certification. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE ONLINE GUN SAFETY FOR…

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The SushiVac 2000 Incident

The Balcony in Question...

Another word of prayer from Heidi. Today the watchword is safety! Danger comes in many forms – when you least expect it! So while decorating this lovely balcony:    The following incident took place:

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Appalachian American Humor

Heidi has a bit of fun with some stress relief humor. A quick prayer and a song to heal these troubled times. It’s all in the method. Sing like no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching. Live like no one is judging you. #SuperCozy #VetSafe

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Center Target Sports Carbine Class

Check out Center Target Sports Intro to Carbine Course (CTS 107): This is an important course for Civilian Allies of Veterans who want to learn more about carbines. Center Target Sports has been a long time partner for gun safety and instruction and we are grateful to have them in our community. #VetSafe #TeamUSA…

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Political Power and Language Learning

Dear Neighbors, I am often asked how best to learn another language. The best way I know to learn someone’s Mother Tongue is to place yourself in a position where you have less political power. Military & service families know this well. Placing yourself in a jurisdiction not of your nativity will inspire you to…

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