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Archive for October 2018

Le Cas Pour Enlever La Croix du Sud de Judah Philip Benjamin

Mettons Fin à l’Idolâtrie des United Daughters of the Confederacy Le Cas Pour Enlever La Croix du Sud de Judah Philip Benjamin Heidi Christensen avec Kali Holloway Veuillez aidez-nous avec le monument chez Judah Philip Benjamin : La Croix de Sud là-bas est idolâtrie de l’esclavage et constitue une glorification de l’esclavage. Judah…

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La Récupération

Here are some songs I wrote a few years ago. The most significant one is La Récupération, which was written about a most painful experience. Writing and singing this song has been an appropriate way to purge the pain without dramatizing my victimization. I realize it is unpopular to speak of responsibilities rather than rights…

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A Tale of Two Cemeteries: A Call to Action

Howdy Neighbors, This is an article a wrote a few years ago after the Mother Emanuel AME Church massacre in Charleston. I have waited to post this until close to Veterans’ Day. My hope is that we follow Gov. Nikki Haley’s lead and find our common ground to honor all Veterans. Here are also a…

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Darling Nikki: Why Gov. Nikki Haley will be POTUS Soon

Because I said so. If you’re ever looking for a woman to respond to your, “Why?” rationally…well you’re asking the wrong woman. Gov. Nikki Haley will become President of the United States because I said so. Woman, at least conservative women, operate by will alone. We are not in the business of proving what a…

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Clemson University Military Appreciation Day

Clemson University is celebrating Military Appreciation Week by hosting a series of events to recognize Clemson’s rich tradition of military excellence dating back to its founding as a military school and to honor the 10,000-plus Clemson men and women who have served in the armed forces. Tuesday, November 13 Time TBD Clemson Green Zone Training…

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Upstate Warrior Solution October Newsletter

Upstate Warrior Solution Leadership Update I hope everyone is having a great October. Hard to believe summer is over and fall is here! I would like to provide a short update this month on two things we are working on currently at a regional level, which will have state and national level implications as well:…

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Heidi Tsuneyoshi – Military Daughter and Public Servant

Heidi with Katsuye Tajiri Meet Heidi Tsuneyoshi, who is seeking public office in Hawaii: Heidi for Council Hawaii gives so much to our Military, and in ways that will help America beat swords into plowshares. Her role in Honolulu City Council will no doubt bring fresh leadership to all generations. Heidi leads the new way…

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