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Archive for July 2019

Fairchild Airmen Clean up Trash Along the Centennial Trail

What an amazing story about how Airman Kiaundra Miller and 11 other Fairchild Airforce Base Airmen picked up trash along the Centennial Trail: Let’s all eliminate litter and encourage those living outdoors to pack in/pack out. Being clean is something anyone at any economic level can be. Compassion for those affected by homelessness begins…

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Greater Veterans of Spokane

I recently had the privilege of meeting U.S. Army Veteran, Nick Richardson. His passion for Veterans is proven in his vast community work. Check out his organization here: Nick served before and after 9/11 (1999-2003). Nick’s experience as a young Veteran is sure to improve the lives of Veterans in Spokane and everywhere. Thank…

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Justice for Jarheads: Sgt. Athena Ives rocks

Spokane Army Veteran Nick Richardson, Founder & President of Greater Veterans of Spokane, recently referred me to the amazing Sgt. Athena Ives. Her autobiography, Thank You for Raping Me, is her story of her painful journey to join the Marines and serve #TeamUSA because of, not in spite of, her profound and extreme journey with…

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Book Review: Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow Not only was this a pure pleasure to read, it remains encouraging to know we’re in good hands with #Millennials & #Generation Z. It is our job as #GenerationX to encourage and invest in our youth, as Tim Tebow so aptly does. Tim Tebow’s candor, objectivity, and sincere witness continue to set an excellent…

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Veterans Running for Public Office

As Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill so aptly said, “All politics are local”. This could not be more true as we set an example for the new generation of voters. While much of my blog is imbued with my views as a Right Wing Maniac, I am always on the side of Veterans running…

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Ray’s Favorite Chicken Pot Pie

  Here is Ray’s Favorite Chicken Pot Pie. There are many ways to make it with ingredients, but there is only one way to make food – slowly and with lots of love. Please note you see no microwave in our Heidi Haus kitchen. Our kitchen is in our home, and not on a rocket.…

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JJ Hanson: Hero for a Culture of Life

It’s hard to imagine a harder fight than the one JJ Hanson fought. In a culture of death, where many Americans have trouble distinguishing right from wrong, JJ Hanson and his wife, Kristin, refused state assisted suicide when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The Marine out lived his original diagnosis by three years, and…

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