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Why Heidi Duty?

Many are inspired by the story of Heidi by Swiss author Johanna Spyrii:

The tale of a young orphan girl healing her friend, Clara, in the Swiss mountains inspires us all to work with available resources, having faith that by working with mind and heart, we are all helped.  The story of Heidi is a parable of a healer.  

Without the United States Veteran, we have nothing.  We have no freedom to write these words or read them online, let alone associate freely.  We all have a duty to work individually to support Veterans as non-medical caregivers.  That's our Heidi Duty.


Heidi Duty founder photo
Ray and Heidi Outdoor

Our Story

Heidi is the widow of a prominent Oconee County Hero, Mr. Raymond D. Christensen.  Ray, lovingly known as the "Cranky Yankee", served as South Carolina Building Official in the beautiful City of Walhalla until 2006.

It has been said that El Chapo was born in Mexico, and El Cheapo was born in Minnesota, which Ray most definitely was.  When the Navy placed Ray in Key West during the Korean War, he remained captive by Florida born brides Marilyn and Heidi.

Ray was known also far and wide as "El Cheapo" for his small town work ethic, ability to keep everything in good working order with available tools and lots of duct tape, and demanding that Heidi make the gravy a bit lumpy while simultaneously screaming at the analog television set that women need more rights.

Ray improved Heidi's ability to work with available resources, and inspired her to continue her passion as a volunteer Veteran Caregiver.


The objective is to save lives locally and nationally through non-medical caregiving. We apply ourselves locally, and inspire others to do their Heidi Duty nationally.

It is not enough to define a narrow scope of duties in Veteran caregiving. Whereas Veterans have given everything of their lives and their time, Caregivers must also be willing to give more of their time within the scope of the law.

Who We Serve

Veterans under age 30 are our focus, but all Veterans are eligible for the services.

Heidi Duty Services


We provide links and referrals to non-medical caregiving resources.

These resources include but are not limited to:

  • daily cleaning of the Veterans’ home
  • deep cleaning
  • grocery shopping
  • errands
  • transportation
  • bathing
  • transfers
  • catheter cleaning and maintenance
  • cooking
  • administration of medications within the legal limit per Washington State law
  • companionship
  • range time
  • cleaning/field stripping of weapons

It is helpful and critical for the Caregivers we refer to include cleaning/field stripping of weapons as part of the normal caregiving routine. In a manner that is respectful, not “gun grabbing” or intrusive, a caregiver must listen to the Veteran, provide the supplies/support necessary to clean/field strip weapons regularly whether or not they have been used at a legal gun range.


Ray and Friends

In compliance with Federal law, we do not provide transportation services for Veterans to purchase marijuana legally in Washington State. While we respect state’s rights, we must respect Federal law and best health practices.  We offer Caregiver Alternatives to Cannabis, even for those who use marijuana.

The best way to prevent gun suicide among Millennial Veterans is for the caregiver to help them associate with their weapons in a healthy way.

Heidi Duty regards client privacy as #1. Our app is HIPAA compliant, and all client information is confidential. Our unique service is our focus on supporting the Veterans Administration by going the distance for our Heroes.

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