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Another Word of Prayer about Guns and Butter

The best way to secure your weapons in the Spokane, Washington area is to contact Wing Sales, which is located across the street from Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop.

Penny from Wing Sales has a wealth of knowledge, and can match you with the best Liberty Safe for your needs. Liberty Safes are all made in the USA, with American customer support, 75 minute fire rating on most models, and various sizes.

It is better to have a small safe bolted to the floor of your home than a large safe that is not bolted to the floor of your home. Over 200,000 firearms are stolen in America every year, and there is no excuse. I hear many people say they can’t afford a gun safe, but I say you can’t afford not to have one.

Instead of combatting one another with gun rights on the right and gun control on the left, we must all become laser focused and centered on gun safety. Square in the middle are simple solutions for gun safety that everyone must know.

1. Always treat a weapon as though it is loaded
2. Never point a gun toward you or anyone in an unsafe direction
3. Never put your finger in the trigger guard until you have made a conscious decision to fire
4. Always be aware of your target and what’s beyond it
5. Obey all gun range safety rules exactly
6. If your gun is not on your person fit to form in a proper holster, then you have no control of it unless it’s unloaded, trigger locked, and stored in a locked, bolted to the floor gun safe separate from all ammunition.

You don’t have a “right” to own a gun without a responsibility to clean it, practice at a legal, safe gun range with it, and store it properly. The Second Amendment has become the middle finger of the Bill of Rights, which has Ten Amendments, as a healthy set of right and left hands have ten digits. Separating the Second Amendment from the entire United States Constitution has the same cancerous effect as when a cell secedes from the body.

Penny can work with you on payment plans, even though Wing Sales does not extend credit. She is happy to speak to you about down payments. Wing Sales offers professional installation of your Liberty Safe and customer service.

The more we Right Wing Maniacs educate one another on gun safety, the less our Left Wing Brothers and Sisters will have cause to mandate gun control. Most accidental shootings, mass shootings, and violent crimes could be prevented by tighter tolerances on gun safety. We are all stakeholders in this business of life, so let’s all unite and get on gun safety protocol like Brown on Rice.

If you have more than one gun that you don’t keep on your person 24/7, then you must get a gun safe. The best in the business is Liberty Safe, and Wing Sales is the most professional operation in America to secure your weapons and valuables.

This has been a Word of Prayer about gun safety.

Thanks for listening.

#VetSafe #TeamUSA #Carers #globalstandards

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