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Another Word of Prayer about Women’s Work

When discussing women’s work, let’s not be so limited in our thinking. I am not saying a woman can’t do anything she sets her mind to, but I will always stand for my position and my experience that there is something missing in this world that is telling women to be more like men and men to be more like women.

I remember this Marxist dogma first as a wee one in a rural Reddick County, Florida public school, where I was routed to some NASA seminar to be taught how women can become astronauts. Microwaves, Tang orange flavored drinks, et al were all invented to accompany man in his space ventures, and in my precise opinion, to lay women off from their natural duties. The space suit looked horrifying and ugly, nothing at all like the cute pink costume Barbara Eden wore on I Dream of Jeannie. Larry Hagman might look nice in that space suit, but not I. Then I heard the NASA narrator speak something about space trash, and my life has never been the same. Litter?! In space?! There has got to be some way I could invent a magnet to suck all that junk up. I spoke up about it, at the level of having a full blown hissy fit. Who in the cosmos was littering in space?! I was accused of wallowing around in women’s work, and in my smart aleck Right Wing Maniac way, did my level best to fail out of Gifted and Talented class so I could get back to caring for my Vietnam Veteran Heroes, showing my goats in 4H, and tending my garden through Future Farmers of America. I have still never given up on cleaning up space trash, nor in explaining that gender is not a diagnosis, nor a disease, but the very force of life itself. I am not against anyone for their gender identity or orientation. I am for my position that feminine values are equally important to masculine values, and that we will have a better world when we seek to compliment one another, not compete with one another.

Being a man does not mean being domineering, foul mouthed, crude, obnoxious, drunk, and mindless. Those traits are not masculine. They are brutish and foolish. Absent of a good father figure, woman will choose this Bad Boy every time, because he provides her the missing piece in her action – a dominant force. Somewhere, somehow, someone got the traits of dominance and domineering crossed in her mind, but that brutal man was so much more familiar than the gentleman that she would run for him every time. Hence a Word of Prayer about womankind.

Dominant and domineering are not the same thing. Neither are submissive and obsequious the same thing. Dominant men are generally more masculine in all the traits women have adored for generations. Show me a righteously dominant man, and I will show you a good husband.

A man’s nature is to earn and invest wealth, take power, and do what is best for himself first, thus providing an equitable distribution of power within the group, generally his own family. Man’s nature is to create governance which is hierarchical. This does not make him a bad human being; it makes him a man. Man must live by his own logic, because it is the way he comprehends the physical universe. Emotion feels a danger to him. In all his great inventions, mighty possessions, awesome endeavors, and Military genius, man has never been able to guard himself from the vulnerability of loving a woman.

Proof of this is found from the Old School Military Man. Their counsel I keep, and a Veteran young in years can certainly be an Old School Military Man. Universal in truth is that the only word a man utters while wounded and/or dying on a battlefield in the miserable torture of war is not President, Sir, Lieutenant, or Colonel – it is the most sacred word in any language – Mother.

Submissive women are generally more schooled in the arts of delayed gratification in seeking a mate. The word submissive in this context does not mean something crude, nor should it conjure up sick material concepts of perversion so common today. It means that a woman’s nature is to be trusting, offer fruits to anyone outside of her immediate group, spread the wealth, empower people, and do what is best for the group, thus putting herself last. Woman is a peacemaker. Meek in one context means moderate, and I pray that womankind will be honored for this stellar innate characteristic. Perhaps then we could have a better understanding of feminine values and how to live in harmony and health with masculine values.

When we understand that one reason all religion calls for woman’s obedience to man, it is so she will remember to take care of herself first, thus reigning in her innate desire to do what is best for the group. Male dominance is what reminds her to care for herself first, thus actually doing what is best for the group. It does not mean he crushes her dreams or mocks her intellect. It means he insists she spend money and time on herself and her own needs. It means he finds a way to share the burdens of unpaid labor so that she can enjoy some time to herself. Feminine arts are what inspires man in all his endeavors. A restorative justice view of religion could be the road to a religious experience.

Science proves that man’s greater need is for visual stimulation, expressed in Hindu terms as his having three eyes. It is not pornography to point out that the third eye with which man sees is not on his face. It is on his root chakra. We fail when we assume man only wants to see mindless pornographic images which are to erotica what junk food is to nutrition – empty. Men’s desire for visual stimulation is better satisfied with a well ordered society where the dogma of egalitarianism is replaced by the divinity of maternity. Absent of clean, well behaved children raised to respect the rule of law as it is, we have no society. Woman is the keeper of this capital, and if you flinch at hearing health called capital, then you have a wrong idea about capital. Without health in all generations, especially the new generation, no other capital markets matter. This does not mean women should be forced into marriage and motherhood, but it does mean that in our tyranny of liberation we have degraded respect for human life, natural law, and intelligent design.

Science proves that woman’s greater need is for verbal stimulation, expressed in Hindu terms as her having three sets of lips. It is not pornography to point out that woman has one set of lips on her face, and two sets of lips on her root chakra. Disrespect the intelligent design of woman, and chaos results. Anyone who forces a woman against her will, or teaches the feminine child that her mind does not matter should be shot on site. Such superstitions are beyond madness. Menses, conception, birth – all these matters unique to the feminine genotype are to be protected and celebrated – not treated as though they are broken processes in an intelligent design that needs to be fixed by another stupid idea from man. Woman is not broken because she is an emotional, intuitive creature. She is woman. Cherish her and you will never fail. Authority fails; charity never fails. As Niccol√≤ Machiavelli said, “woman is the most troublesome creature on Earth, but also the most charitable. So you get honey from Bees.”

Yet the socialist Helen Keller said, “I regard charity as a tragic apology for wrong conditions”. A wealthy woman who had the means to call out this failure in authority that treated the deaf and blind in inhumane ways, we might listen to Helen Keller as an economic genius. She helped to create economic opportunities for people otherwise locked out of capital markets due to developmental differences. Instead of being paranoid about socialism, we might understand that woman is the keeper of communal living. Communal living is the ultimate form of winner take all capitalism, where ultimate means last. Final. Without the communal living of the group, the family, there is no way free enterprise capitalism will work to allocate goods and services more efficiently than any other system on Planet Earth.

It may be that Americans are so paranoid about socialism, which is justifiable to anyone who studies Austrian Economics, that we fail to appreciate the social nature of womankind. Her economic value cannot be divorced from mankind. She is the reason we have life. When we understand this truth, we will not see economics as a dismal science, but a joyful one where all lives have equal value. We might see more than one airport in America, in this case the Salt Lake City Airport, that offers women lactation rooms to nurse their children. We will not arrest women for breastfeeding in public while legalizing and normalizing sick pornographic images ubiquitous on the Internet. As much as I have ranted and raved about Marxist feminists, I was encouraged in the 1980s when they came together with the so-called Religious Right to offer a Word of Prayer warning the world about the ills of pornography. We must go back to the future and unite above our differences to bring children a world that truly values their intellect, instead of exploiting their sexuality.

Woman’s authoritative administration of her charity depends on man’s charitable administration of his authority. When these forces are not in balance, we have chaos. I am still an optimist, but I will not remain silent without asserting my position that our civilian values are wildly out of order with Military values and #globalstandards. The decadence in our society has little relevance to women coming from parts of the world where dictatorships are the norm, and women are treated as chattel property. Our decadence comes from our refusal to accept that natural law and intelligent design exist. One could only hope to be as Christ like as an atheist, who spends her money trying to advance the lot of children in the 2/3rds world, where crushing poverty and hunger kill dreams.

Men may place unrealistic demands on women with pornographic images, but women do the same thing to men with romance novels and fairytales. Living in the world as it is, recognizing that we are equal in value, if not equal in form and function, will produce the health and harmony we need to unite all 267 countries on Planet Earth.

My position as a Right Wing Maniac has always been that the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s was largely misunderstood by the so-called white middle class as a means of integrating previously segregated groups of people through sex, drugs, and rock and roll instead of prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope, and charity. Many did integrate through mindful means, but the Dirty Hippies stumping for Black Power in the 1960s forgot that noise in the 1980s when they became Jesus Freaks and inherited Mummy and Daddy’s trust fund. It was then that they became plastic people who advocated labeling ketchup a vegetable in school lunch programs, forgetting quite easily that these Department of Education tax payer funded lunch programs were the result in part of the Black Panthers’ hard work.

Man fails when he judges woman by the same yardstick used for himself, for woman in her own nature is not a wholly rational creature. The definition of lunatic is “ruled by the moon”, so this by default means that all women are lunatics. Sigmund Freud will be helped to know that it is not what woman wants that should be the subject of his study, but that woman wants should be the object of his affection and motivation. Woman’s desire motivates man and inspires him to create a better world. Men may rule the world, but women are truly the keepers of Heaven and Hell on Earth. Two out of three is not a bad average, and the more we can harmonize these three planes, the less we will hear terms like “Third World” and see the horrors of the abject poverty, warfare, and injustice so prevalent in 2/3rds of our small Planet Earth home. All modern conveniences we have in the United States of America are the envy of women throughout the world. Man brought these things to woman that her time could be freed to create with her mind.

Man invented cars to impress women, transport women, and to get away from women. Man invented guns to destroy other man who wanted to violate the women and children. Man invented gun safes in part because he knew there are only two investments – guns and butter. Better to guard the guns than to spread them around like butter. You may have heard from the 1970s Marxist feminists that more women in power will mean less war. This has not been born out since the 1970s, and can only be defended on mathematical grounds that the less birth you have, the less battle you will have.

I keep hoping that women will stop wanting to make war like men. The whole reason we marched on Mother’s Day Bridge was in grief and protest over our sons being slaughtered in the American Civil War. While I am pleased women in Saudi Arabia have earned the right to drive, I wonder if my Grand Dixie, who refused to learn to drive, wasn’t exactly correct. She believed automobiles were nasty, smelly, rude things that isolated people from the communion of walking, talking, setting a spell, and taking the city bus. She was famous around the University District of Gainesville, Florida for walking everywhere or jumping into the Cadillac of neighbors who loved to give her a ride. She was truly ahead of her time.

Instead of fighting with men to become more like them, let’s hold firm on our values and work for the day when conflict will be solved by rational means, and transportation will become safer for us and the environment. I am optimistic that we can evolve past these tired authoritarian concepts of battle and birth. Back in the day, a good bloody war was the only excuse man had to leave the house. Maybe if women will understand this, man will not need an excuse to leave the house. Maybe he will see what women see – that we all have but one home – Planet Earth.

This has been another Word of Prayer about Women’s Work.

Thanks for listening.

#VetSafe #globalstandards #supercozy

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