Spokane’s Vietnamese community offers resources for those who need help finding their American father, and fathers who want to find their children.

Every battle brings with it birth. Rape, pillage, and burn is the history of the world. Love, village, and earn is its future.

That more men would emulate Saint Joseph, who protected Our Lady’s virginity and foster fathered Jesus Christ, is our goal.

That women who had more compassion for their children than concern for their own comfort and safety should be uplifted is also our goal.

As many Vietnam Veterans are entering the twilight of this mortal coil, it is more pressing than ever that we help children of this lost war find their fathers. In a culture of death where it is such the fashion to condemn women as whores and men as rapists, let’s all employ a restorative justice view of sex. Instead of debating whether or not children are blessings from G-d or curses from man, let’s agree they are necessary components in a dominant culture where all lives have equal value.

This article quotes an American GI “who never meant for her to get pregnant”:


Gentleman, be assured that Ladies are not your equals. We are your opposites. Lay with us and life results. Pregnancy does not mean women are broken machines who need contraception and abortion to correct our inequality with man’s impregnability. Natural family planning may not be the rule of law, as America is not a theocracy, but it is an idea whose time has come. I believe LGBTQ-Plus people are more open to life than most men and women, because they experience greater spiritual condemnation from those with no authority to condemn.

Certainly we are equal in value, but not form or function. Just as men burn more calories than women, so do women gestate life over a 9 month period as men do in a few seconds, minutes, or hours. Never will we be equal in form or function. To the eternal question of whether or not men and women can be friends, I will answer that we are much closer than friends. Men and women are natural born enemies. It is only the Law of Moses and the Law of Christ that brings us harmony given our opposite form and function.

If you are a Vietnam Veteran who is concerned about your child in Vietnam, or a child seeking your father, then please complete this contact form:


Thank you for your service, and for remembering those survivors of love and war.

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