Austrian Economics Scholarship

What is your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? Mine is not a movie at all, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s beautiful PBS remake of Free To Choose, by Nobel prize winning Economist, Dr. Milton Friedman. The link to this 1990s series is hard to find now, but check out more at

Making Austrian Economics accessible for people in the 1990s was a great public service Governor Schwarzenegger provided. Austrian Economics can be easily explained as an economy where choices based on free enterprise allocate goods and services more efficiently than a command and control economy. How well Governor Schwarzenegger knows this as one native to Austria. His Military service in Austria and rags to riches experience in America prove why the American free enterprise economy remains a model for the world.

My experience with Veterans in general, and those who have sustained a disability in particular, is that no one wants to be left out in the cold after combat stress and/or injury. Neither does that Veteran care to be hotly told that s/he is simply broken now, and needs to be totally dependent on government aid. Everyone deserves warm care to nurture their vision, especially Veterans.

As a Florida Southern College alumna, I am pleased to provide a full scholarship to the Mises Institute for Florida Southern College students. Please learn more about Dr. Patrick Newman, Mises Institute Fellow and Florida Southern College Economics Professor .

Veteran and ROTC students will receive preference. A full scholarship to Mises Institute affords you with the opportunity to attend Mises University in beautiful Auburn, Alabama. Please contact me with your request for scholarship application. Thanks for listening and Go Mocs!

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