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Posts by Heidi Christensen

Axe the Widow’s Tax

Please follow this link to write Congress to #axewidowstax forever: Thank you for taking action. #axewidowstax #VetSafe #TeamUSA #globalstandards #supercozy #Carers

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Resources from Veteran Brad

We have been blessed with some new resources & referrals from Veteran Brad. Here are the links he provided. Please review these resources & contact us with any questions: Guide to Military Moving and Financial Assistance for Homeless Vets Veteran Homebuyers Guide Community and Support for Veterans Mesothelioma #VetSafe #TeamUSA #globalstandards #supercozy

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Women Veterans Bill Fails to Pass

I am bitterly disappointed that Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tennessee and Rep. Mark Takano, D-California failed to pass a bill that would have increased services to women Veterans through the VA: Shame on us for failing Veterans. Praise to Veterans all whose extreme sacrifice protects our rights & responsibilities. We’ve got your back. Happy Thanksgiving.…

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Burger King Unmet Needs Program

Please check this out from the VFW Auxiliary Newsletter: The Veterans of Foreign Wars is pleased to announce nearly 800 participating BURGER KING® restaurants will be raising funds throughout the month of November in support of the VFW’s Unmet Needs program. BURGER KING® customers are encouraged to donate $1 or more to the program with…

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Support for Air Force Veteran Dg Garcia

Please check out my statement in support of Air Force Veteran Dg Garcia: Army Veteran Phil Folyer’s win is not Dg’s loss. Congratulations to him. More Veterans in public office means we deepen our connection to Military values. Thank you everyone who voted and ran. God bless America. #VetSafe #TeamUSA #supercozy #globalstandards

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Happy Veterans’ Day

Happy Veterans’ Day to all who served, and their families. While the debate over health care in America rages on, we often forget that the United States Veteran has been under socialized medicine since 1865. I will leave it to you to judge its efficiency or lack thereof, but I encourage you to speak directly…

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Praise for Melinda Gates’ “A Moment of Lift”

When I picked up Melinda Gates’ new book, I expected to be bombarded with statistics, identity politics, and the authoritarian seeming policies of the left that keep me branded as a Right Wing Maniac. Well I was wrong. Written with personal anecdotes, humility, and pain, “A Moment of Lift” truly gives me hope. The sunny…

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Assistance for Fathers & Estranged Children of Vietnam Veterans

Spokane’s Vietnamese community offers resources for those who need help finding their American father, and fathers who want to find their children. Every battle brings with it birth. Rape, pillage, and burn is the history of the world. Love, village, and earn is its future. That more men would emulate Saint Joseph, who protected Our…

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