Becki Hawkins, Hospice Chaplain and Nurse

This is a great video, especially because Becki Hawkins comes from the Bible Belt like me. Yet she is not full of hellfire and brimstone.

As a Florida born Methodist, I will say it was always hard for me to endure a Baptist raking me over the coals in a theology debate. Yet I love the Baptist faith and its followers. It remains hard for me to believe there is someplace hotter than Florida in August without air conditioning, which seemed like Hell in the noon day sun. I was fortunate to grow up with Grammy and Poppy, who worked in the Florida United Methodist Conference for over 60 years. They were involved in the interfaith council in Gainesville, which was a real proving ground for me. I learned a lot from them.

Sadly, later in my young life in rural Florida I witnessed a very ugly cosmology based on fear and hatred. This ugly cosmology finds form all over the world. It is refreshing that Becki Hawkins breaks past this paradigm.

Religion does a lot of things right with its sense of community, laws of reciprocity, and governance toward temperance. However, one thing it does wrong is place obedience and adherence within the group over unity and cooperation between groups. It is to that end that spirituality is more the current trend.

Albert Einstein is correct in that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. All life has equal value, but it is not equal in form or function. Our form will change, but not our value. Our function will change, but not our value. We are all here to learn, to journey, and to make life better for all generations. We’re all one or none. In sum, we’re all zeroes and ones in this great main frame called life.

Hopefully instead of fighting over God, we will work for what is good, no matter what we believe or don’t believe. I appreciate this video as it helps me cope with my loss of Ray. I have studied and found value in all religion, but being with Ray was a religious experience. I hope everyone will find a love story as beautiful as ours, and a partner as honest, kind, and adorable as Ray. Stop reading this and go fall in love. Put yourself at risk to get your heart broken. Delay gratification and go on dates. Enjoy your journey together.

Ray was both an Old School Military Man and later in life a full time Caregiver to his beautiful wife, Marilyn. Life is not easy for any of us, and the only thing that eases our journey is a bit of warm care. Ray was good at that. Caregivers and health care workers touch death daily as does our Military. It is to that end I hope we will all slow down a bit and be more kind. Thank you for listening.