Spokane City Council Statement

Spokane City Council Meeting Statement

By Heidi Christensen
August 28, 2019

Heidi recently spoke out at a the Spokane City Council meeting about Veteran resources, and how she envisions bridging the gap between business and bureaucracy. Members in attendance were also current Mayoral candidates, so Heidi maintained composed neutrality while also showing her trademark eloquent advocacy for Veteran and Caregiver rights.   #VetSafe #Caregivers #Spokane #LilacCity…


By Heidi Christensen

Spokane City Council Statement on Gun Safety Training

By Heidi Christensen
November 10, 2018

The Spokane City Council recently voted to require the police department to destroy long guns it has confiscated during arrests or via court action. The tally was six-to-one. Heidi took the citizen podium and urged the council to find a more beneficial use for the confiscated firearms.


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