What’s for Sunday Brunch?

By Heidi Christensen | January 19, 2020

Healthy and hearty chicken sausage breakfast burritos will feed everyone on a cold winter day. Create #supercozy in your kitchen today. Bring it to your dining room table and enjoy it with your loved ones. We eat with the eyes and ears also. Welcome yourself and others to a nutritious meal three times a day.…

What’s for Supper?

By Heidi Christensen | January 19, 2020

What’s for supper this evening? Tonight’s menu is a red stuffed bell pepper made with lean ground turkey and wild rice with whole grain cracker bread and Swiss cheese. Try your local Trader Joe’s for great meal options, an engaged staff, and fresh produce, meats, and dairy. Trader Joe’s South Hill Spokane Trader Joe’s North…

Welcome to my Kitchen

By Heidi Christensen | January 11, 2020

Welcome to my kitchen. My goal is to clean up my habits in 2020, not just diet or lose weight. I have been running on fumes for too long and commit to refining my routine to simplify health: Eat Less Move More No matter how much you coach me, you will always see whole milk…

Family Caregiver Support Resources

By Heidi Christensen | January 11, 2020

Washington State has taxpayer funded resources for unpaid family Caregivers: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/altsa/home-and-community-services/caregiver-resources I have not posted during the Holidays as I was home in Appalachia with Mother. Here is the Watauga River near where she now lives: She has good care, but it is still heart breaking to see how few resources are in the Carolinas…

Axe the Widow’s Tax

By Heidi Christensen | December 11, 2019

Please follow this link to write Congress to #axewidowstax forever: https://www.votervoice.net/VFW/Campaigns/69796/Respond Thank you for taking action. #axewidowstax #VetSafe #TeamUSA #globalstandards #supercozy #Carers

Resources from Veteran Brad

By Heidi Christensen | December 11, 2019

We have been blessed with some new resources & referrals from Veteran Brad. Here are the links he provided. Please review these resources & contact us with any questions: http://themilitaryguide.com/ Guide to Military Moving and Storagewww.yourstoragefinder.com/guide-to-moving-storage-in-the-military Financial Assistance for Homeless Vetshttp://www.operationwearehere.com/FinancialAssistance.html Veteran Homebuyers Guidehttps://www.thezebra.com/resources/personal-finance/veterans-homebuying-guide Community and Support for Veteranshttps://www.realwarriors.net/ Mesothelioma Informationwww.justgreatlawyers.com/mesothelioma-asbestos-lawsuits #VetSafe #TeamUSA #globalstandards #supercozy

Women Veterans Bill Fails to Pass

By Heidi Christensen | November 28, 2019

I am bitterly disappointed that Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tennessee and Rep. Mark Takano, D-California failed to pass a bill that would have increased services to women Veterans through the VA: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/10/29/veterans-legislation-dispute-prompts-republican-walk-out-on-capitol-hill/ Shame on us for failing Veterans. Praise to Veterans all whose extreme sacrifice protects our rights & responsibilities. We’ve got your back. Happy Thanksgiving.…

Warriors for Peace: Julius Caesar Features 21st Century Global Standards

By Heidi Christensen | November 28, 2019

Thank you Sgt. Athena Ives for introducing me to the Warriors for Peace (WFP) production of Julius Caesar. This Hudson Theatre piece in Hollywood features a cast that truly reflects 21st Century #globalstandards. Pictured here is Nathan Nonhof, who plays Cassius in the Shakespeare classic. His performance is sure to inspire old & new Shakespeare…

Burger King Unmet Needs Program

By Heidi Christensen | November 26, 2019

Please check this out from the VFW Auxiliary Newsletter: The Veterans of Foreign Wars is pleased to announce nearly 800 participating BURGER KING® restaurants will be raising funds throughout the month of November in support of the VFW’s Unmet Needs program. BURGER KING® customers are encouraged to donate $1 or more to the program with…

Support for Air Force Veteran Dg Garcia

By Heidi Christensen | November 26, 2019

Please check out my statement in support of Air Force Veteran Dg Garcia: https://libertylake.com/2019/11/19/letter-to-the-editor-regarding-dg-garcia-and-liberty-lake-city-council-position-1/ Army Veteran Phil Folyer’s win is not Dg’s loss. Congratulations to him. More Veterans in public office means we deepen our connection to Military values. Thank you everyone who voted and ran. God bless America. #VetSafe #TeamUSA #supercozy #globalstandards

Happy Veterans’ Day

By Heidi Christensen | November 11, 2019

Happy Veterans’ Day to all who served, and their families. While the debate over health care in America rages on, we often forget that the United States Veteran has been under socialized medicine since 1865. I will leave it to you to judge its efficiency or lack thereof, but I encourage you to speak directly…

Praise for Melinda Gates’ “A Moment of Lift”

By Heidi Christensen | October 28, 2019

When I picked up Melinda Gates’ new book, I expected to be bombarded with statistics, identity politics, and the authoritarian seeming policies of the left that keep me branded as a Right Wing Maniac. Well I was wrong. Written with personal anecdotes, humility, and pain, “A Moment of Lift” truly gives me hope. The sunny…

Vets on the Farm Dinner & Auction

By Heidi Christensen | October 22, 2019

Please support Vets on the Farm at their upcoming fundraiser: Thank you for serving Spokane’s Veteran community. #VetSafe #TeamUSA #supercozy

Assistance for Fathers & Estranged Children of Vietnam Veterans

By Heidi Christensen | October 20, 2019

Spokane’s Vietnamese community offers resources for those who need help finding their American father, and fathers who want to find their children. Every battle brings with it birth. Rape, pillage, and burn is the history of the world. Love, village, and earn is its future. That more men would emulate Saint Joseph, who protected Our…

VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship Available

By Heidi Christensen | October 1, 2019

Hello Civilian Allies, Please check out this Voice of Democracy Scholarship available to students grades 9-12: https://www.vfw.org/VOD We need to hear voices of Generation Z and nurture your power to make the world a better place. Please share this great opportunity to earn some money for education. Thank you for serving America’s Veterans. May our…

World War II Hero Turns 101 Years Young: Please Send Birthday Card

By Heidi Christensen | September 26, 2019

https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-metro/family-asking-for-101-birthday-cards-for-wwii-veteran-turning-101/?fbclid=IwAR2e_DrLLRlHrdpF_2kt7KLVfr_GQSp2bYmD7W_nNSOGn_VvAL09iN6i66g Please send Mr. Montoya a Birthday card: Mr. Prospero Montoya P.O. Box 21163 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87154 Thank you for helping his family honor his 101st Birthday. Thank you for your service, Mr. Montoya. #VetSafe #TeamUSA #globalstandards

Heidi Duty on the road photo with diamond and silk personalities

Diamond and Silk

By Heidi Christensen | September 22, 2019

I had the privilege of attending a recent Chit Chat Tour live in Billings, Montana featuring the beautiful, lovely, and talented Diamond & Silk: https://www.diamondandsilkinc.com/about-us Entertaining though they are, I believe they were not born only to entertain us. Diamond & Silk are two Tarheels from Fayetteville, North Carolina born to rule and govern. Certainly…

Utah Suicide Prevention: Gun Safety Superstars

By Heidi Christensen | September 8, 2019

I am pleased that in GOP dominated Utah, leadership initiatives to address high rates of gun suicide are proactively saving lives. Here are some great articles about Utah’s initiative to save lives: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/08/26/744152861/in-rural-utah-preventing-suicide-means-meeting-gun-owners-where-they-are A great quote from this article sums up my position as a Right Wing Maniac: “Gun-owning families can bring down the number…

Vets for Vets: Deer Park Physical Therapy

By Heidi Christensen | September 8, 2019

Please check out this excellent community resource sponsored by Deer Park Physical Therapy: http://www.deerparkphysicaltherapy.com/vets-for-vets Here is the scoop from their web site: Deer Park Physical Therapy & Fitness Center – which operates The Pool, The Fitness Center, and The Gym – is proud to announce a program of physical fitness and therapeutic recreation run by…

22 Until Valhalla

By Heidi Christensen | September 7, 2019

Our Story – 22 Until Valhalla – Battling Veteran Suicide Thank you Army Veteran Russell Pabst for introducing me to 22 Until Valhalla: https://www.22uv.org/our-story.html You are not less of a man for asking for help. You are more of a man for asking for help. Yes, I am being gender specific here because Veteran suicide…

Heidi on Hygiene

By Heidi Christensen | September 3, 2019

Heidi from https://heididuty.com Heidi Duty shares some great advice on personal hygiene for Veteran Caregivers. Please shop here: https://gladrags.com/  

Veteran Suicide at VA Facilities

By Heidi Christensen | September 2, 2019

A friend of mine recently shared this article about Veterans killing themselves right in the VA facilities meant to serve them. My preference is for business, not bureaucracy. However, this is not about throwing the VA under the bus. Before we had the bureaucracy of the VA, we had the business of charitable people, mostly…

Spokane City Council Meeting Statement

By Heidi Christensen | August 28, 2019

Heidi recently spoke out at a the Spokane City Council meeting about Veteran resources, and how she envisions bridging the gap between business and bureaucracy. Members in attendance were also current Mayoral candidates, so Heidi maintained composed neutrality while also showing her trademark eloquent advocacy for Veteran and Caregiver rights.   #VetSafe #Caregivers #Spokane #LilacCity…

Fairchild Airmen Clean up Trash Along the Centennial Trail

By Heidi Christensen | July 18, 2019

What an amazing story about how Airman Kiaundra Miller and 11 other Fairchild Airforce Base Airmen picked up trash along the Centennial Trail: https://www.khq.com/news/fairchild-airmen-clean-up-trash-along-the-centennial-trail/article_cf3fafbe-a8d5-11e9-b96f-e34245c6d9c8.html Let’s all eliminate litter and encourage those living outdoors to pack in/pack out. Being clean is something anyone at any economic level can be. Compassion for those affected by homelessness begins…

Justice for Jarheads: Sgt. Athena Ives rocks

By Heidi Christensen | July 18, 2019

Meet the amazing Sgt. Athena Ives. Her autobiography, Thank You for Raping Me, is her story of her painful journey to join the Marines and serve #TeamUSA because of, not in spite of, her profound and extreme journey with sexual assault. I am encouraged by her convictions and courage. Here are her podcast & bio…

Book Review: Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

By Heidi Christensen | July 4, 2019

https://www.amazon.com/Through-My-Eyes-Tim-Tebow/dp/0062007300 Not only was this a pure pleasure to read, it remains encouraging to know we’re in good hands with #Millennials & #Generation Z. It is our job as #GenerationX to encourage and invest in our youth, as Tim Tebow so aptly does. Tim Tebow’s candor, objectivity, and sincere witness continue to set an excellent…

Veterans Running for Public Office

By Heidi Christensen | July 4, 2019

As Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill so aptly said, “All politics are local”. This could not be more true as we set an example for the new generation of voters. While much of my blog is imbued with my views as a Right Wing Maniac, I am always on the side of Veterans running…

JJ Hanson: Hero for a Culture of Life

By Heidi Christensen | July 1, 2019

It’s hard to imagine a harder fight than the one JJ Hanson fought. In a culture of death, where many Americans have trouble distinguishing right from wrong, JJ Hanson and his wife, Kristin, refused state assisted suicide when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The Marine out lived his original diagnosis by three years, and…

Diamond & Silk in the Pacific Northwest

By Heidi Christensen | June 16, 2019

Hello Friends & Neighbors! Great news! My favorite Southern Belles are coming to the Pacific Northwest! Saturday, September 14th DoubleTree by Hilton at 27 North 27th Street Billings, Montana 59101 Doors open at 5pm and the event starts at 6pm Buy your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/billings-montana-diamond-and-silk-the-viewers-view-tickets-61135080672 Diamond & Silk are sisters from Fayetteville, North Carolina who…

Landscapes in Liberty: Mr. Nelson Winbush

By Heidi Christensen | June 8, 2019

Mr. Nelson Winbush I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Nelson Winbush for over ten years now. An active member of the SCV Camp #1516 in Kissimmee, Florida, Mr. Winbush is a Korea War Veteran, loving family man, retired public school administrator, and wonderful example to the new generation. Buy his family history here:…

Please Pray for West Point Cadets

By Heidi Christensen | June 8, 2019

Let us solemnly thank God for the Gentleman who gave his life during a training at West Point: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/06/06/west-point-cadets-least-4-injured-training-accident/1365379001/ ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> Before you caterwaul about not making as much money as men, consider they are 97% of combat deaths, have higher suicide and homeless rates, and risk their lives more than women on the…

Heidi Duty on Domestic Violence

By Heidi Christensen | June 7, 2019

Heidi Duty from https://heididuty.com with some important words about gun violence, domestic disputes, and personal responsibility.    

Important VA Mission Act Information: Please Share

By Heidi Christensen | June 7, 2019

Thank you President Trump for signing the VA Mission Act into law. Please access and share these valuable resources specifically for post-911 Veterans and their families/caregivers: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USVA/bulletins/246eb5b Important MISSION Act Information Thank you for your service and let’s assist those who serve America’s Heroes. #VetSafe #supercozy #TeamUSA #globalstandards

Veteran Owned Business Opportunity

By Heidi Christensen | June 5, 2019

I am pleased to introduce Health Screeners, a Veteran owned business opportunity: https://healthscreeners.org/ Contact:  Dwayne Coots Health Screeners Alliance Preventive Healthcare Advocacy Please share this with any Veteran and civilian ally who is interested in this awesome business opportunity. Thanks for listening. #VetSafe #supercozy #TeamUSA #globalstandards

Heidi Duty Diet Dialogue

By Heidi Christensen | June 3, 2019

Heidi with a word and a prayer about diet.  Don’t be eating like the house is burning down!  

Veteran Outreach Centers

By Heidi Christensen | May 28, 2019

Heidi with a word on resources for Veterans — including local Veteran outreach centers and how they help improve outcomes for struggling Heroes. Oconee County, South Carolina VA Outreach Center https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spokane-Veterans-Outreach-Center/297443107040970 Spokane Valley, Washington VA Outreach Center #VetSafe #supercozy #TeamUSA #globalstandards

Memorial Day Message

By Heidi Christensen | May 28, 2019

Heidi with a thought provoking message for Memorial Day 2019  

Memorial Day Fundraiser – Fisher House Foundation

By Heidi Christensen | May 24, 2019

This is an announcement from South Carolina Federation of Republican Women: https://www.facebook.com/scfrw/ Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center Fisher House Charleston 150 Wentworth Street Charleston, SC 29401 Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where Military & Veterans’ families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital. May 18th we celebrated…

More Guns In Cars Mean More Guns Stolen From Cars

By Heidi Christensen | May 11, 2019

Here is an article reprinted from National Public Radio that proves how dangerous it is not to have full control of your weapon. As Mr. Ice-T reminds us, “Your lethal weapon’s your mind.” This is a word of prayer from a Right Wing Maniac that you’re ill prepared if you’re inside the building during an…

Veteran Takes Big Steps With VFW Scholarship

By Heidi Christensen | May 8, 2019

Reprinted from VFW Auxiliary Newsletter 7 May 2019 Casey Kennedy began dreaming of a military career when she was a child. In fact, she still has a piece of paper from grade school outlining her plans to join the Navy. Kennedy ended up committing to the Nebraska Army National Guard and served for five years.…

VFW Unmet Needs Program Funded by Burger King Franchisees

By Heidi Christensen | May 4, 2019

Reprinted from VFW Auxiliary E-Newsletter May 2, 2019 Since 2007, Burger King franchise owners and their customers have contributed more than $6 million to the VFW Unmet Needs program. Their generosity has been put to work, as the Unmet Needs program has provided more than $11 million in financial assistance to nearly 10,000 veterans, service…

Hidden Heroes – Elizabeth Dole Foundation

By Heidi Christensen | May 4, 2019

TGIF Neighbors, Here are some great stories from Military Caregivers: Military Caregiver Stories Here is one from Washington State: Connie Ozmer Here are some great resources and rewards for Military Caregivers: Military Caregiver Recognition Award Program Resources Thank you Senator Elizabeth Dole for helping us to build a resource economy where Veterans enjoy dignity and…

Heidi Duty at Make Music Day – Magic Bus Spokane

By Heidi Christensen | May 3, 2019

A Documentary on Local Street Artists This short documentary highlights scenic beauty of Spokane, the Lilac City, its cultural diversity, unity in the community, friendliness, and quality of life that brings people together and serves as an economic stimulus. Spokane native and community activist, Jerome Green, and his Magic Bus Spokane Team welcomed me and…

President Trump’s Prevent Program

By Heidi Christensen | May 3, 2019

President Trump’s Prevent Program was discussed on Fox News recently by Veteran, Wife, and Mom – the amazing Patriot, Mrs. Kathy Barnette. Here is a great article on Military Times detailing President Trump’s Prevent Program to eliminate Veteran suicide: The new plan to prevent veteran suicides: new grants, better research, more community focus By Leo…

Gun Safety for Girls

By Heidi Christensen | May 1, 2019

This Vlog from Heidi covers gun safety tips for Ladies. In the famous words of our fearless leader; Ladies, we don’t want to be equal to Gentlemen. We want to be better than them in never violating gun safety laws.

Lakeview Cemetery Monument

By rovin | April 25, 2019

Spokane County Regional Veterans Service Center opens new facility in Spokane Valley

By Heidi Christensen | April 9, 2019

Spokane County Regional Veterans Service Center opens new facility in Spokane Valley UPDATED: Fri., March 1, 2019, 6:39 p.m. https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/mar/01/spokane-county-regional-veterans-service-center-op/ Cat Nichols, Strategic Operations Manager of Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs, center, in the new Spokane County Regional Veterans Services Center following a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, March 1, 2019, in Spokane Valley,…

A Word of Prayer on I-1639 Dedicated to Veronica J. Rutledge

By Heidi Christensen | February 19, 2019

Heidi speaks to recent Washington State I-1639, and compares gun violence in Washington State and South Carolina. Here is the full text of this controversial new law: https://www.sos.wa.gov/_assets/elections/initiatives/finaltext_1531.pdf Constitutional rights are best protected when we act responsibly, and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich in Spokane County, Washington is to be commended as is Sheriff Mike Crenshaw in…

Dr. Olivia Hooker, First African-American Woman to Join Coast Guard

By Heidi Christensen | February 11, 2019

Check out this article from Navy Times about the exciting life of Dr. Olivia Hooker: Dr. Olivia Hooker, US Coast Guard Veteran So many things are remarkable about her life, especially that she served her country even after being a victim of terrorism in Tulsa. It is neither politically correct nor incorrect to insist that…

Anwar Majors Al-Ghani

By Heidi Christensen | February 5, 2019

I had the privilege of working for a true Spokane Hero, Mr. Anwar Majors Al-Ghani aka Lei Majors, during a difficult period in my life. I worked an outbound call Team, and came on to his inbound call Team at Sykes. He improved my sales skills and I contributed to his Team. Native to Long…

Women in Electronics

By Heidi Christensen | February 4, 2019

The women in electronics we honor today are Hedy Lamarr and women mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hedy Lamarr, a beautiful Austrian born movie star, was appreciated by Howard Hughes as a genius inventor. Her work on spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology, which became Bluetooth/wi-fi, should have remunerated her over $30 billion…


By Heidi Christensen | February 4, 2019

“One often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” – Jean de la Fontaine When the Jon Voigt/Burt Reynolds classic, “Deliverance”, was filmed on the Chattooga River in beautiful Rabun County, Georgia in 1972 Southerners, myself included, were outraged at the negative stereotypes of Appalachian Americans depicted in the epic film.…

A Word of Prayer from IAVA

By Heidi Christensen | January 26, 2019

This post is taken from www.iava.org Just minutes ago President Trump signed a bill that ended the partial government shutdown on its 35th day. But the damage has already been done. For over a month, members of the Coast Guard, federal employees, government contractors, and their families have been without pay. The financial and employment…

#YouNique Party Tonight!!!!

By Heidi Christensen | January 12, 2019

My first cousin and friend Wendy is throwing an online #YouNique party 5pm PST for those who are interested: Heidi’s Lash Bash Wendy delivers amazing customer service on a super product, and I am giving away a prize to the one who can best tell me why self care is so important. You will be…

Halco Sales/Veteran Owned Business

By Heidi Christensen | December 30, 2018

I am pleased to announce my partnership with a Veteran owned firm, Halco Sales. Halco Sales has been a leader in engineering sales for over 60 years, and I have been associated with them for 20 of those years. President, George Alecci, hired me to cover Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana. George is a Vietnam…

Merry Christmas and Don’t Let Your Cheese Slide off your Cracker

By Heidi Christensen | December 24, 2018

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone who has been there during this very difficult year. Like many Americans, I both enjoy and dread the Holiday season. It doesn’t help that Ray died in my arms this past Christmas Eve, nor that I gird my loins during the hustle and bustle of the season, but…

Liberty Oral Surgery: A Random Act of Kindness

By Heidi Christensen | December 18, 2018

I was eating supper the other night at Hay J’s Bistro. Jeff Foxworthy would love our pretty little city just East of Spokane, because the best restaurant in Liberty Lake is in the Conoco gas station strip mall. That’s just how we roll out here in the country. Hay J’s was too crowded too offer…

Author Heidi Christensen

A Word of Prayer about American Healthcare from a Right Wing Maniac

By Heidi Christensen | December 10, 2018

A Word of Prayer about American Healthcare from a Right Wing Maniac.

Hidden Heroes

By Heidi Christensen | December 1, 2018

I caught a Today show story about this exciting new campaign by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation while working yesterday: Anyone who is in the situation of caring for a Hero at home can access resources here: Hidden Heroes There are many beautiful and human stories of Carers and their Veterans. Robert Grier touches my heart,…

Happy Veterans Day: The Camouflage Wave

By Heidi Christensen | November 12, 2018

I imagine the two things that cause Ray to sing his song in fluent Sailor from The Wild Blue Yonder are the recent election of 78 Veterans and the winning season our Florida Gators are having. IAVA calls this the Camouflage Wave, and it is a welcome one. Ray lived through a time when most…

Spokane City Council Statement on Gun Safety Training

By Heidi Christensen | November 10, 2018

The Spokane City Council recently voted to require the police department to destroy long guns it has confiscated during arrests or via court action. The tally was six-to-one. Heidi took the citizen podium and urged the council to find a more beneficial use for the confiscated firearms.

Le Cas Pour Enlever La Croix du Sud de Judah Philip Benjamin

By Heidi Christensen | October 26, 2018

Mettons Fin à l’Idolâtrie des United Daughters of the Confederacy Le Cas Pour Enlever La Croix du Sud de Judah Philip Benjamin Heidi Christensen avec Kali Holloway https://independentmediainstitute.org/make-it-right/ Veuillez aidez-nous avec le monument chez Judah Philip Benjamin : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judah_P._Benjamin La Croix de Sud là-bas est idolâtrie de l’esclavage et constitue une glorification de l’esclavage. Judah…

La Récupération

By Heidi Christensen | October 25, 2018

Here are some songs I wrote a few years ago. The most significant one is La Récupération, which was written about a most painful experience. Writing and singing this song has been an appropriate way to purge the pain without dramatizing my victimization. I realize it is unpopular to speak of responsibilities rather than rights…

A Tale of Two Cemeteries: A Call to Action

By Heidi Christensen | October 24, 2018

Howdy Neighbors, This is an article a wrote a few years ago after the Mother Emanuel AME Church massacre in Charleston. I have waited to post this until close to Veterans’ Day. My hope is that we follow Gov. Nikki Haley’s lead and find our common ground to honor all Veterans. Here are also a…

Darling Nikki: Why Gov. Nikki Haley will be POTUS Soon

By Heidi Christensen | October 23, 2018

Because I said so. If you’re ever looking for a woman to respond to your, “Why?” rationally…well you’re asking the wrong woman. Gov. Nikki Haley will become President of the United States because I said so. Woman, at least conservative women, operate by will alone. We are not in the business of proving what a…

Rebuilding Our Military and Serving Veterans in Eastern Washington – Rep. Cathy McMorris

By Heidi Christensen | October 19, 2018

This is the most recent newsletter from Eastern Washington’s 5th District U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Hello, Yesterday, I was with military families at Fairchild Air Force Base for my 9th annual Military Family Summit. In case you missed it in the Spokesman-Review: “With more than 100 years of family members serving in the military,…

Clemson University Military Appreciation Day

By Heidi Christensen | October 19, 2018

Clemson University is celebrating Military Appreciation Week by hosting a series of events to recognize Clemson’s rich tradition of military excellence dating back to its founding as a military school and to honor the 10,000-plus Clemson men and women who have served in the armed forces. Tuesday, November 13 Time TBD Clemson Green Zone Training…

Upstate Warrior Solution October Newsletter

By Heidi Christensen | October 19, 2018

Upstate Warrior Solution Leadership Update I hope everyone is having a great October. Hard to believe summer is over and fall is here! I would like to provide a short update this month on two things we are working on currently at a regional level, which will have state and national level implications as well:…

Heidi Tsuneyoshi – Military Daughter and Public Servant

By Heidi Christensen | October 18, 2018

Heidi with Katsuye Tajiri Meet Heidi Tsuneyoshi, who is seeking public office in Hawaii: Heidi for Council Hawaii gives so much to our Military, and in ways that will help America beat swords into plowshares. Her role in Honolulu City Council will no doubt bring fresh leadership to all generations. Heidi leads the new way…

Actions Speak Louder than Words

By rovin | October 16, 2018

Heidi shares her vocal art

Heidi’s YouNique Proposition

By Heidi Christensen | October 16, 2018

Heidi having a bit of fun, but wants to recommend her beautiful cousin’s YouNique business for anyone who is interested. Shop here: Cousin Wendy’s YouNique Business

IAVA Raises Flags for 5520 Veteran Suicides in 2018

By Heidi Christensen | October 4, 2018

Please read this article from our friends at www.iava.org: 5,520 Veteran Suicides in 2018 Remember. You could be the difference in whether or not someone takes their own life today. Maybe it will inconvenience you a bit, and I know we’re all busy. Please. Pay attention to your neighbor, especially our Veterans. Please. Go out…

Military Mom Earns Gun Safety Certificate

By Heidi Christensen | October 2, 2018

Congratulations to Debbie Dotson-Leverette for earning her Gun Safety Certificate: Mother of two beautiful daughters, Debbie operates her own healthcare company, Debbie’s Got the Tea LLC. See more about her products here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/DLevMs/ We are working on her online order form, so please stay tuned. Congratulations again, Debbie. Thank you for your service as a…

Home on the Range with Army Veteran, Mrs. Mariena “Mo” Gonder

By Heidi Christensen | October 1, 2018

What an awesome day of gun safety and marksmanship education with Army Veteran, Mr. Rodney L. Beck at Center Target Sports. My dear friend and Army Veteran, Mrs. Mariena “Mo” Gonder, attended with me for CTS-107, Introduction to Carbines Course given at Center Target Sports. She is an amazing wife, Mom of Veterans, retired public…

Veteran Caregiver Gun Safety Certification

By Heidi Christensen | September 25, 2018

Heidi takes a somber moment to remind us all that Gun Safety is critical and the responsibility of all free people. She also comes bearing a priceless free gift. Contact Heidi to take your veteran caregiver gun safety training and take the exam for a certification. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE ONLINE GUN SAFETY FOR…

Listen to Momma

By rovin | September 20, 2018

Heidi with a lighthearted take on immigration.

The Balcony in Question...

The SushiVac 2000 Incident

By rovin | September 19, 2018

Another word of prayer from Heidi. Today the watchword is safety! Danger comes in many forms – when you least expect it! So while decorating this lovely balcony:    The following incident took place:

Appalachian American Humor

By Heidi Christensen | September 12, 2018

Heidi has a bit of fun with some stress relief humor. A quick prayer and a song to heal these troubled times. It’s all in the method. Sing like no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching. Live like no one is judging you. #SuperCozy #VetSafe

Center Target Sports Carbine Class

By Heidi Christensen | September 6, 2018

Check out Center Target Sports Intro to Carbine Course (CTS 107): http://www.centertargetsports.com/course/introduction-to-carbine-course-cts-107 This is an important course for Civilian Allies of Veterans who want to learn more about carbines. Center Target Sports has been a long time partner for gun safety and instruction and we are grateful to have them in our community. #VetSafe #TeamUSA…

Inspirational Message – Personal Responsibility

By rovin | September 5, 2018

Heidi Duty – with an inspirational message on personal responsibility.

Political Power and Language Learning

By Heidi Christensen | September 1, 2018

Dear Neighbors, I am often asked how best to learn another language. The best way I know to learn someone’s Mother Tongue is to place yourself in a position where you have less political power. Military & service families know this well. Placing yourself in a jurisdiction not of your nativity will inspire you to…

AR-15 Safety-Christensen Arms CA-15

By rovin | September 1, 2018

Heidi Duty on firearm security and safety. Thank you Christensen Arms for your awesome safety guidelines and support.

Debbie’s Got the Tea LLC

By Heidi Christensen | August 31, 2018

Are you feeling sick, disgusted, and just plain busted?! Are you a #Caregiver who puts your own care last or ignores it all together? Do you eat too much to compensate for sleep deprivation, or because you have ignored your own planning? It’s like Richard Simmons says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Weight…

Alaska Granny AR-15 Gun Safety Video

By Heidi Christensen | August 31, 2018

Check out this awesome #GunSafety video from Alaska Granny: Alaska Granny Teaches AR-15 #GunSafety There is no such thing as a dumb question. If you ever have a question about #GunSafety, ask me. If I don’t know, then I will help you find out. Thanks, Alaska Granny! You’re awesome. Check her out at www.alaskagranny.com #VetSafe…

RIP Senator John S. McCain III

By Heidi Christensen | August 27, 2018

What a beautiful tribute from Meghan McCain for Senator John S. McCain III: Meghan McCain Shares Emotional Tribute from Glamour Magazine Ray ranted and raved about every Republican except him and me. Ray actually said he loved Senator McCain several times, for being a rational, reasonable Republican. I believe many people would say this of…

Welcome to the Dolly Parton Garden

By Heidi Christensen | August 26, 2018

Dear Neighbors, Welcome to my Dolly Parton Garden. No matter where we lived, Mother always encouraged me to create a cheery landscape where my beloved Dolly Parton could come sit a spell and relax. I always make sure to have Marigolds a plenty, and something to attract Birds and Butterflies. I recently read a book…

John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act

By Heidi Christensen | August 16, 2018

Dear Troops, Veterans, Vet Carers, and Civilian Allies, I am pleased to learn that this past Sunday President Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act into law per our friends at www.iava.org: John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act This act contains a number of nonpartisan resources vital to Military families. Please…

Another Word of Prayer about Guns and Butter

By Heidi Christensen | August 12, 2018

The best way to secure your weapons in the Spokane, Washington area is to contact Wing Sales, which is located across the street from Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop. Penny from Wing Sales has a wealth of knowledge, and can match you with the best Liberty Safe for your needs. Liberty Safes are…

Another Word of Prayer about Women’s Work

By Heidi Christensen | August 12, 2018

When discussing women’s work, let’s not be so limited in our thinking. I am not saying a woman can’t do anything she sets her mind to, but I will always stand for my position and my experience that there is something missing in this world that is telling women to be more like men and…

Gun Safety Training at Sharp Shooting Indoor Range

By Heidi Christensen | August 12, 2018

Check out this Firearms and You Seminar with Special Guest Instructor, Spokane County Prosecutor, Larry Haskell. This event will be Tuesday, 14 August 2018 from 18:00-20:30 hours – that’s 6pm-8:30pm for y’all Civilian Allies. 🙂 Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop is located at 1200 North Freya Street Spokane, Washington just North of I-90…

A Word of Prayer about Women’s Work

By Heidi Christensen | August 7, 2018

Appalachian Americans don’t converse with Neighbors, we have a Word of Prayer with them. When is the last time you had an actual face to face conversation without any background noise, electronic devices, or multi-tasking? That’s what I thought. You can’t remember. Neither could I until I made a conscious decision to quit the human…

IAVA Rapid Response Referral Program

By Heidi Christensen | August 7, 2018

IAVA Rapid Response Referral Program hosted a Quarterly RRRP Round-up event via Facebook Live on Thursday to discuss the many life changing services available to Veterans, Civilian Allies, and Caregivers. IAVA is unique in that its online programs specifically target post-9/11 Veterans to improve policies, programs, and community support for all Veterans. I encourage everyone…

Veterans Affairs Mission Act

By Heidi Christensen | August 2, 2018

Thank you President Trump for putting Veteran care ahead of partisan politics to pass the VA Mission Act! Please everyone if we can have more respect for authority for everyone, from the gas station worker to our POTUS, we will have a better world. I think this is what First Lady Melania Trump means with…

Vets on the Farm Spokane

By Heidi Christensen | July 26, 2018

Vets on the Farm Spokane What a great way to integrate Veterans into civilian employment. The Spokane Conservation District offers this awesome agricultural opportunity to local Veterans through Vets on the Farm Spokane. This is a great example of how we will close the disparity between Military and civilian life. Thank you for serving America’s…

Becki Hawkins, Hospice Chaplain and Nurse

By Heidi Christensen | July 25, 2018

Becki Hawkins, Hospice Chaplain and Nurse This is a great video, especially because Becki Hawkins comes from the Bible Belt like me. Yet she is not full of hellfire and brimstone. As a Florida born Methodist, I will say it was always hard for me to endure a Baptist raking me over the coals in…

A Tribute to Ray – Cranky Yankee

By rovin | July 24, 2018

Heidi out and about, with a live open mic tribute to her beloved Cranky Yankee, Ray.

Austrian Economics Scholarship

By Heidi Christensen | July 18, 2018

What is your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? Mine is not a movie at all, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s beautiful PBS remake of Free To Choose, by Nobel prize winning Economist, Dr. Milton Friedman. The link to this 1990s series is hard to find now, but check out more at http://www.freetochoose.tv/. Making Austrian Economics accessible for…

Caregiver Alternatives to Cannabis

By Heidi Christensen | July 18, 2018

While legal Cannabis is the rule of law in many states, that it is still illegal at the Federal level remains an issue for many Carers. So does the Hippocratic Oath, which existed long before HIPAA. We know two things of marijuana that do harm, which is a provision contrary to the Hippocratic Oath. First,…

Demand Outstripping Supply

By Heidi Christensen | July 18, 2018

Forbes: The Shortage of Home Care Workers is a great article about the impending market forces within the in home care market. Before you insist that sending children away from our borders is a good thing, please consider that the child you happily sent back to Mexico today may have been the one to grow…

Field Stripping the In Home Care Market

By Heidi Christensen | July 8, 2018

Dear Neighbor, If you’re reading this and you work for an in home care agency or for your own client/family member, then you know that demand for in home care workers far outstrips the available supply of workers. This labor market shortage has no end in sight. Although in home care is a low wage…

Happy Independence Day

By Heidi Christensen | July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day

By Heidi Christensen | July 4, 2018

Dear Neighbors, Tomorrow marks the Independence Day holiday, which means different things to different people. What makes us all the same is that we’re all different. We are none of us totally dependent, nor totally independent. We are all interdependent, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. aptly noted. I will be working tomorrow, then enjoying…

Memorial Day Service for Mr. Raymond D. Christensen, USN #3352551

By Heidi Christensen | May 26, 2018

There will be a Memorial Day remembrance for Ray at the new American Legion this coming Sunday at 14:00. Ray helped to break ground on the new American Legion at 319 Kenneth Street in Walhalla, South Carolina. He and three others who died since this past Memorial Day will be honored. Dress is casual and…

Gun Safety for Caregivers – Training Video

By Heidi Christensen | May 1, 2018

  We’re back on camera this week with more hands-on firearm training. This time we review semi-auto and revolver handling, trigger discipline, safe unloading practices, magazine checking, chamber clearing, and safe storage of ammo for uncontrolled sidearms in Veteran homes. Please note that I accidentally called my Kimber .357 a Keltec. Mea culpa. I keep…

Donation to Upstate Warrior Solution

By Heidi Christensen | April 30, 2018

heididuty.com has made a significant donation of legal ammunition to Upstate Warrior Solution at Salem Gun and Archery. “We depend on our community partners like Heidi and Kelly to help us with resources for local Veterans. Getting out to the range is a healthy way for Vets to socialize”, said Derrick Popham of Upstate Warrior…

Shoot Like A Girl

By Heidi Christensen | March 31, 2018

Good morning, This weekend includes the holy days of Passover and Easter. Whether or not you recognize these holidays in a religious or spiritual sense, you can agree that we are most blessed to live in America where we are free to choose. One of the best ways to protect freedom of choice is to…

Highest Charity

By Heidi Christensen | March 22, 2018

The highest form of charity is to help someone become self-sufficient. How well Veterans know this fact. If you really want to help a Veteran, then help them retrain for work, and offer them gainful employment. As we transition from a service economy to a resource economy, we can show our patriotism in a way…

Gun Safety Video

By Heidi Christensen | March 15, 2018

Gun Safety for Heidi Duty CareGivers – Proper Way to Secure Ammo. Verify weapon is unloaded and store ammo separate from weapon.

Intro to Semi-Automatics

By Heidi Christensen | March 14, 2018

Training video for Veteran CareGivers Intro to Semiautomatics Removing Magazine Racking and Locking Slide Removing the Chambered Round  

Introduction to Gun Safety

By rovin | March 13, 2018

Introduction to Gun Safety with Heidi – covers basic safety practices when handling automatics & sidearms in general.

Tribute to Caregivers who Die in the Line of Duty

By Heidi Christensen | March 13, 2018

Good morning. I am sure I could not say this better than our friends at www.iava.org, so with that in mind, here is the full text to honor the memory of those who died helping Veterans at the Pathway Home, Christine Loeber, Executive Director, Dr. Jen Golick, a therapist, and Dr. Jennifer Gonzales, a psychologist:…

VA Resources

By Heidi Christensen | March 3, 2018

Here are some helpful links that Carers should add to their resource bank: www.ptsd.va.gov Download the app at: www.ptsd.va.gov/public/pages/PTSDCoach.asp (800) 273-TALK press option 1 http://www.veteranscrisisline.net Text to 838255 Every local VA has a Suicide Prevention Coordinator that can be found at the link above. Here is another great resource: www.MakeTheConnection.net Instead of bashing the VA,…

Caregiving In Context

By Heidi Christensen | March 1, 2018

Caregiving In Context is one of the most challenging concepts to master. Not every client is going to like you. Not every client is going to love you. Heidi Duty only accepts Veterans, since they are not just clients. They are Heroes. The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington, DC reminds us that…


By Heidi Christensen | February 26, 2018

Happy Monday everyone.  Don’t worry if your work day isn’t perfect.  It never will be.  Remember that the basis of all healing and medicine is caring. Licensure is not necessary for caring.  It is necessary to practice medicine. If you’re just starting out in life, and have goals to become an RN/MD/NP, consider caregiving first. …

Combat Medicine: The Real Doc Todd

By Heidi Christensen | February 22, 2018

Afghanistan Veteran George Todd knew he had to quit his day job and pursue his passion: music. In the February 2018 VFW Magazine, George Todd is featured in That’s a Rap. George knew he had to make music to cope with his own trauma and to help save lives.  George is also doing the valuable…

A Conversation with a Carer

By Heidi Christensen | February 20, 2018

The rain in southern Appalachia could make Seattle seem like the Sunshine State at times.  This can be welcome and warm for some, but depressing and lonely for others. One way we can help Veterans combat depression is through silent service.  Movies like Thank you for your Service provide insight to elders what Millennial Veterans…

Sunday in South Carolina

By Heidi Christensen | February 18, 2018

Spiritual but not religious describes many Millennial Veterans. Your role is a Carer is never to judge, always to listen, act, and empathize. Your detail is to imbue your Hero’s environment with a sense of ceremony.  Keep it clean, arrange things in a way pleasing to your Vet, and work with available resources to keep…


By Heidi Christensen | February 16, 2018

Thank God It’s Friday may mean little to a Veteran or their Carer, since both duties can be 24/7. Have you been miserable getting your education and climbing the corporate ladder?  Many people have. It may be because you are not reading these words on a ladder.  You are reading them on a web.  You…

Cleaning sponge with soap in shape of a heart

Field Stripping the Freezer

By Heidi Christensen | February 15, 2018

An easy rut to get into once you have lived in a home for a while is to throw food in the freezer, and you don’t quite know what’s there. A great way #Carers can help #VetsTogether is to field strip the freezer.  That’s right.  Take everything out of the freezer and place it in…

Ray and Heidi Christensen

Heidi Duty Commissions New Web Development

By Rovin Net | February 8, 2018

Heidi Christensen, founder of Heidi Duty has commissioned the development of a new website to improve the companies outreach to local Veterans who may need non-medical in-home health services. Also, a new mobile application is being developed to allow easier access to resources, tools, and content that will help the local community.

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