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Darling Nikki: Why Gov. Nikki Haley will be POTUS Soon

Because I said so. If you’re ever looking for a woman to respond to your, “Why?” rationally…well you’re asking the wrong woman. Gov. Nikki Haley will become President of the United States because I said so.

Woman, at least conservative women, operate by will alone. We are not in the business of proving what a man we are, nor do we wish to take a wrecking ball through the United States Constitution to erect a totalitarian global superstate to force equality. We are not interested in compromising our authoritative administration of charity by erring to logical explanations of why we said so. We believe in the rule of law as it is, period. Simple and plain. So when you ask us, “Why do you believe in the Bill of Rights?”…let’s all answer…”Because I said so.”

Speaking for myself and I believe most Republican women, we have been robbed of almost every gift God offers the feminine sex by this tyranny of liberation. Women are so liberated we are free to do anything except stay home with our husband and children. Yes, in that order. Husband. First. Children. Second.

If we wonder why marriages fail, it’s because we say, “I put my children first.” We forget that marriage vows taken from Judeo-Christian Law are based on service, not rights…responsibilities for our complimentary forces…not “rights” to compete with differences God enshrined in the temples of our own unique bodies. We do not believe ourselves or our young or elders equal to riparian areas, dogs, suckerfish, or hamsters, yet we have no wish to abuse said flora or fauna.

This fact is born out in how 2/3rds of women in the world live. That is not to say we wish to be denied opportunities or authoritarian gender norms of yore and yonder lands to replace our rule of law in America. That is to say that we are perfectly comfortable navigating markets and jurisdictions generally dominated by men as women. The business of America is business, and while men will always rule the world, it is the truth that by our sex alone women are the keepers of Heaven and Hell.

Two out of three is a pretty good average if you ask me. Men rule Earth…we as women keep it a Heaven on Earth or a living Hell. That’s pretty much the shape of things. When we seek to compliment one another in health and harmony rather than to compete in battle and birth, then terms like “Third World” will become obsolete.

If you want to know how completely out of step most American women are with global standards enshrined in our Constitution, just ask yourself why so many American born men are marrying brides from other lands. In general terms, our family court system has become a poor replacement for Judeo-Christian social mores. Ladies from other lands or whose parents are legally immigrated have stronger social mores, customs, and work ethics. How true this is of the romance between Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haley.

Judeo-Christian marriage vows are taken “forsaking all others”, and no one proves this more than Gov. Nikki Haley. Sikh marriage vows are taken very seriously with great care never to violate chastity laws. These are the vows Darling Nikki’s parents took, as she took with her husband in addition to their Methodist ceremony.

She is a great woman because she cries when her husband, First Gentleman/Lieutenant Michael Haley, leaves and comes home from Military service.

She is great because of her appropriate display of affection, not in spite of her righteous feminine emotions. She is a great leader because she knows how to temper the truth with mercy, and has won the hearts of South Carolina, America, and the world.

She has the courage to step up, and the courage to step down.

When South Carolina experienced the worst day since 9/11, Gov. Nikki Haley stuck her neck out to comfort families and finally to make it right with scores of South Carolina voters who do not appreciate tax dollars being used to fund the Confederate flag. Private property rights are the rule of law in America, and even we whose roots run deep into Southern soil must concede that tax dollars should only fund the American and South Carolina flags.

When the families of those Nine Saints assassinated at Mother Emanuel AME Church could not get any restitution from the Federal government, Gov. Nikki Haley vowed to work with private resources:

There would be no amount to cover the cost of losing a loved one to senseless acts of violence. Yet in true Southern tradition, South Carolina continues to fight spirit and principality, not flesh and blood.

If we as Republicans truly want to win hearts and minds to the GOP, then we must look past our petty differences and listen to others. While we prefer individual rights enshrined by our Constitution to arbitrary identity politics, we are helped when we follow Gov. Haley’s graceful, poised lead. She is not afraid to bare her Mama Grizzly claws when the media attacks her children, nor is she afraid to lose a gubernatorial election for making it right with the many voters who have for generations wanted the symbol of a conquered nation removed from our Columbia, South Carolina Capitol.

In her autobiography, Can’t Is Not An Option, Gov. Nikki Haley describes how accounting in her parents’ business caused her to realize the perfection of American rule of law as it is. Government intrusion was as nervous to her as being bullied by children at school, yet she pressed forward to earn her Accounting Degree from Clemson University.

She is truly rebranding Southern Belle, and proof of why Mark Twain loved India more than any land he visited. That we embrace her beauty in body, mind, heart, and spirit will make her POTUS. More important than being the first woman POTUS, she will restore the rule of law as it is and prove what our Founding Fathers knew about our Constitution as the body of global standards. Those who hate our rule of law need only wonder why people die every day trying to come to America legally or illegally. Rather than import people to our soil, President Nikki Haley will export our rule of law.

Please join me in wishing Darling Nikki every success with her future ventures, and her inevitable White House win.

#VetSafe #supercozy #TeamUSA #globalstandards

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