I am honored to have Debbie’s Got The Tea LLC sponsor a day at the Sharp Shooters Indoor Range in Greenville, South Carolina this past Saturday:


We especially thank Jim Braziel and his Team at Sharp Shooters for their expertise and hospitality.

Debbie and several neighbors from a local charity in Anderson, South Carolina paid special attention to Ray and loved on him when he needed it most. Debbie is one of the most talented herbalists and health care workers I know, and puts the care into Caregiver.

Debbie consults with me as a Caregiver deeply concerned about her personal safety and gun safety. Guns don’t keep a girl safe; proper safety protocols do. Sometimes these protocols involve guns; sometimes they don’t.

South Carolina ranks #11 for deaths by firearms according to this CBS story:


Washington State used to be in the mid-range of all 50 states for gun violence. How heartbreaking to see the Evergreen State becoming more equal with the Palmetto State in this tragic way. According to the CDC, Washington State lost 849 precious lives to gun deaths compared to 893 priceless souls in South Carolina in 2017:


Debbie and I remain committed as Caregivers and health care professionals to maintaining moral authority over our entire economy. We declare dominion of mind over matter. Women must claim this as our greater power that man’s money cannot measure. We do not wish to be equal to men, nor did God create us to be his equal, but his opposite.

We demand the stale dogmas of gun control and gun rights to unite in a single value: gun safety. We may disagree on the methods for eliminating Veteran suicide and gun violence, but we will never give up this urgent health issue.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t make a difference, or that your dreams don’t matter. Debbie and I encourage you all to get educated in your area and make a difference.

I encourage you to shop with her today:



Thank you, Debbie Dotson Leverette, for taking an entire Saturday to educate others on the reality of gun violence in America today. Trust is a more necessary ingredient than paranoia in a healthy nation, and I trust you to continue showing others how to de-escalate gun violence with or without a gun. Thank you for trusting me and Sharp Shooters Indoor Range.

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