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Debbie’s Got the Tea LLC

Are you feeling sick, disgusted, and just plain busted?! Are you a #Caregiver who puts your own care last or ignores it all together? Do you eat too much to compensate for sleep deprivation, or because you have ignored your own planning?

It’s like Richard Simmons says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Weight Watchers also has a good principle, in that you can have what you want, it’s just the quantity and portion of calories consumed that count.

Are you looking for a true health professional to coach you into better habits? Well look no further. Meet Anderson, South Carolina’s own Belle, Debbie Dotson-Leverette and her awesome products offered through Debbie’s Got the Tea LLC:

Debbie’s Got the Tea LLC

Debbie gives daily advice on using nature to revive your health so you can heal yourself. Debbie understands that our bodies have an intelligent design, and you just can’t fool Almighty God and Mother Nature.

She is a woman who practices her faith, and does not preach by words but in action. She is a Military Mom who prays our youth will beat swords into plowshares. She is a Masseuse, a Caregiver, a Natural Healer, and an awesome neighbor.

She offers mail orders, and I will feature more of her products on this site. I have experienced better health from drinking her custom tea blends. I highly recommend her blog and all her products. Thanks, Debbie!

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