Demand Outstripping Supply

Forbes: The Shortage of Home Care Workers is a great article about the impending market forces within the in home care market.

Before you insist that sending children away from our borders is a good thing, please consider that the child you happily sent back to Mexico today may have been the one to grow up and help you in your home after you break your hip 20 years from now. America’s bitter divide on abortion and immigration speaks through the bureaucracy of legalism rather than the economic reality of the macroeconomic effects that happen when abortion is more available than contraception and deportation of children and separation of families are even a thought in anyone’s head.

Rather than prevent abortion through education and community resources, we convince women of lower income that it is better for her child never to see the light of day rather than grow up to be a criminal. We convince everyone that abortion is solely a woman’s right and responsibility, while ignoring that men who foolishly and mindlessly get women in the family way bear an even greater responsibility with fewer parenting rights. Women do not get pregnant from skeletons. Life comes from life. It takes a live man and a woman to create children, and damning children to death through deportation and abortion remains a cynical and hateful self fulfilling prophecy. To speak such evil on the life of a child should be enough to end free speech.

Now that marriage equality is the rule of law, we might consider that the intimate relations between gay men and women produce no demand for abortion services. Many in the LGBTQ-Plus community do not feel represented by current pro-life/pro-reproductive rights leaders. We might offer them incentive to parent in realizing that we need every resource we can get to curb the impending shortage of in home care workers.

Many on the right may not agree with marriage equality being the rule of civil law, but America is not a theocracy. My objection to the same was not only religious and spiritual, but also based on my view that marriage equality would add another layer of bureaucracy to the already sclerotic structure of family law. The reality is that LGBTQ-Plus people always had access to protect their legal and financial affairs through the LLC structure. This required more planning than just sailing into the Justice of the Peace, but that’s what made millionaires out of many gay couples who owned real estate or trucking companies.

When someone is forced outside the law, they will either through violence and greed break the law or find gentle and resourceful ways to remain inside the law. That may sound strange coming from a self-professed right wing maniac whose orientation is for Veterans regardless of gender, but it’s the truth. Diesel Dykes of the 1980s had their business covered without creating waves in an Atlanta that was only 20 years past Jim Crow laws. It was a good move back in the day. One could have really been put out to pasture otherwise. That was my world as a young woman, and I still see responsibilities as more important than rights in most cases. Teaching children everything is their entitled right rather than their privilege to be earned has given them an ego that must be transformed into a We-Go.

We may come a longer way by pulling with existing forces rather than pushing against them. Parenting within LGBTQ-Plus families is a mindful, deliberate act rather than an immoral one as many like to believe. Rather than point our fingers at them, let’s see how we may all curb this disturbing statistic. Everyone has a part to play in raising the new generation.

For every child aborted or deported, there is a family waiting to adopt or host. Really the world is a pretty good place and most people are basically good. Even when bad things happen to good people, we are all impoverished when we believe that the world is ending just because it is simply changing, as it has done since the beginning of time. When we focus on the good in the world, we are all helped.

Rather than being impediments to the so-called good life, or parenting trophies, as Susan Lapin states, children are the building block of a new generation that will help tuck in the elder generation.

I know saying the “A” word may start a fire storm. That is not my intent. Many men and women wish they had never had or participated in an abortion. Simply stated, from a humanistic, bioethical view, abortion represents the most painful of all human experiences – outliving your own child. Each abortion is a microeconomic drop in the bucket toward a macroeconomic reality that America will soon not have enough young people to care for the elder generation. These are the Laws of Supply and Demand, not the tired divisive debates of Roe vs. Wade.

Religious views on contraception and abortion alienate many people, because the United States of America is not a theocracy. So if we take a more balanced approach, and realize that a shortage of children and a glut of elders leads to a society where innovation is stalled, resources are distributed inequitably, and capital remains imbalanced, then we will be better able to find a solution to this problem.

Cemeteries across America are full of infant graves from the 18th Century to mid 20th Century. Now that we have prevented a lot of factors which cause infant death, we might go back to the future to realize what Whitney Houston sings in the Greatest Love of All. Children are our future. That everyone might receive warm care from concept to end of life is key to building a dominant culture where all lives have equal value. Maybe Whitney Houston would be here with us today if we offered her healthy options to cocaine rather than to exploit her talent and vulnerability, as we do to children when we treat them as a source of anxiety.

If the new generation is not birthed on American soil, they have to be imported. Nothing is more ironic than to watch two DINKs who joined the Minutemen on the Arizona border screaming at a Mario and Maria with their seven children to “get back to Mexico”. Life just doesn’t work that way. Humankind’s migration from the beginning of time continues to present day and will continue into the future until all 267 countries are better connected. If you make a conscious decision not to have children, then don’t scream at those entering America’s borders who do have children.

I am not saying the sole purpose of womankind is to be a breed sow for the war machine. Far from it. In fact, today we live the best of all possible worlds. Technology and the rule of law today affords all people access to parenting resources that were not available in previous generations. Authoritarian gender norms create economic inefficiencies, as do failures to invest in libertarian parenting programs.

In our quest for equality since I woke up in 1970, the bitter battle between the sexes has always been framed around the fraction 50/50. Life is simply not that way. Life is made of 0s and 1s. We’re all one or none. Actually, the 80/20 rule is reality. Those who may not be able to perform the noble task of parenting will still be able to contribute to the health of a new generation. In other words, a person may be 80% worker paying taxes, donating to charities, and 20% direct care provider. That lower income person who may not be able to earn disposable income due to in home caregiving demands may be 80% direct care provider and 20% worker who pays taxes and donates to charities.

Melissa Harris Perry spoke encouraging words when she said that reproductive rights include fertility treatments and adoption resources for lower income adults. Instead of attacking each other from the right and left, let’s cultivate a climate in which children will be part of a Caregiver Corps to take care of us when we’re too old and tired to remember what we were ever fighting about.

Thanks for listening.