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Heidi Duty on the road photo with diamond and silk personalities

Diamond and Silk

I had the privilege of attending a recent Chit Chat Tour live in Billings, Montana featuring the beautiful, lovely, and talented Diamond & Silk:

Entertaining though they are, I believe they were not born only to entertain us. Diamond & Silk are two Tarheels from Fayetteville, North Carolina born to rule and govern.

Certainly the most refreshing thing in their act is their rather hilarious testimony of how they “Ditched & Switched” from the Democrat to the Republican Party. President Trump represents all Americans, whether or not they voted for him. While people around the world may love him and hate him, only love gets air time from Diamond & Silk. Suffice it to say that Diamond & Silk, like most patriotic Americans, don’t like to hear evil speech against #POTUS.

We have in America a secret ballot. This is a real civilization saver. You see it really doesn’t matter for whom you vote. It matters how we behave when they get in office. Elected officials represent us, and they will respect us as much as we respect them.

Many people at the Billings Chit Chat Live show drove over 5 hours to be there. It is a testament to the human spirit that there is more that unites than divides us. Market forces influence the rule of law more than all the weapons in the world. The fact that people drove from all over the rural Inter-Mountain West to enjoy the company of these beautiful, brilliant women tells more about trends within the GOP than any other statistical data I can cite, plus it’s far more entertaining.

Thank you Diamond & Silk for coming to Billings to entertain those who love God, country, and family. We may all define this trinity of priorities in a different way, but we are all in this together.

#VetSafe #DiamondandSilk #CarolinaGirls #bestintheworld #TeamUSA #globalstandards #chitchatlive

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