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Diamond & Silk in the Pacific Northwest

Hello Friends & Neighbors!

Great news! My favorite Southern Belles are coming to the Pacific Northwest!

Saturday, September 14th
DoubleTree by Hilton at 27 North 27th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
Doors open at 5pm and the event starts at 6pm

Buy your tickets here:

Diamond & Silk are sisters from Fayetteville, North Carolina who “Ditched & Switched” from Democrat to Republican during the 2016 election. They give their testimony as true Patriots from a Military town in the beautiful Tarheel State. Being the only Republican in a Democrat family, I find their message very timely and relatable.

Diamond & Silk encourage Americans to tell the Naked Truth, and “Ditch & Switch” from if not the Democrat to the Republican Party, then from negative things to positive things. The consistent truth about Republicans is that we don’t want to censor Democrats, but Democrats certainly want to censor Republicans. We remain undeterred to bring our message of unity to all.

I bear my testimony, giving the Naked Truth about how I “Ditched & Switched” from negative forces to positive forces here:

I “Ditched & Switched” from those who wanted to shoplift my American heritage to those who wanted to make the world a better place.

The best definition of “confederacy”, is “a league or compact for mutual support or common action: alliance” as shown here:

Here is my testimony available for sale here:

The future of the Republic Party is an alliance of all our children. Teaching young people right from wrong is imperative in every generation, and is a duty we must never relinquish. Our rule of law as enshrined in our Constitution remains the envy of the world. Our rule of law and free market enterprise are why people vote with their feet. While we may not consider ourselves globalists, we do know our Constitution truly is the best of #globalstandards. It is an absolute ideal that must be realized the world round.

The greatest generosity exists in free market economies, and we must teach youth that bloated bureaucracies never take care of business. The highest form of charity is helping someone achieve self-sufficiency. Compassion begins at home, and we must teach our youth never to take the easy way out, but to work for their success, and lift as they climb.

Even if their “Two Chics Talking Politics” doesn’t resonate with your political views, you are sure to be inspired by their drive, genius, and success from YouTube to Fox News. They exemplify how when we make a choice, make a change, and make a commitment God will bless us even in hard times.

Subscribe to them on YouTube page:

Shop Diamond & Silk here:

I can’t wait to see you, Diamond & Silk! Thank you for coming to the Pacific Northwest!

“Those who say there is no absolute have just made an absolute.”

Ayn Rand

#carolinagirls #bestintheworld #TeamUSA #flipitred #keepitred #globalstandards #Trump2020

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