Washington State has taxpayer funded resources for unpaid family Caregivers:


I have not posted during the Holidays as I was home in Appalachia with Mother. Here is the Watauga River near where she now lives:

She has good care, but it is still heart breaking to see how few resources are in the Carolinas compared to Washington State. Before you make fun of hillbilly country folks, please remember we are part of the human family too. Mother is the most loving person I know, and as a retired public school teacher served America’s children with her whole heart. She did this in spite of challenges related to hearing loss, and remains the most principled public servant I know. The hills of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee are full of beautiful people like her. I only pray everyone can have good care in their elder years. It was very hard to leave her to come home to Spokane.

I bear my testimony that we are all neighbors and we must improve our entire economy to value health and human life. Please check out the resources above and meditate on our duty here in Washington State to lead the country in health care reform.

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