Cleaning sponge with soap in shape of a heart

An easy rut to get into once you have lived in a home for a while is to throw food in the freezer, and you don’t quite know what’s there.

A great way #Carers can help #VetsTogether is to field strip the freezer.  That’s right.  Take everything out of the freezer and place it in a cooler with ice packs.

Then take the compartments of the freezer apart, and clean it with a product of your choice.  Really clean it like you mean it, with an old toothbrush, scrubs, sponges, and wipe it down spotless.  Never let anyone tell you that you’re OCD.  Correct them.  Remind them that OCD means On Constant Duty.

When you put it back together again, arrange the food into categories.  Place fruits and vegetables together, meats together, frozen dinners together, and you will be surprised how your caregiving saves you time and your Vet hard earned cash.

In field stripping the freezer, you will be surprised how many meals you can thaw, plan, and cook with resources on hand.  This is a great way to be gentle and resourceful for your Hero, working with available resources.