Field Stripping the In Home Care Market

Dear Neighbor,

If you’re reading this and you work for an in home care agency or for your own client/family member, then you know that demand for in home care workers far outstrips the available supply of workers. This labor market shortage has no end in sight.

Although in home care is a low wage job compared to others in the health care market, it is a preferred opportunity for the personality who wants to live in a high-tech/high-touch world. It seems we live in a high-tech/low-touch world, but really the we still live in the best of all possible worlds.

Like sex workers, Caregivers face inelastic demand for their services, disjointed regulations that vary from state to state, high cost of licensure, and yes, danger on the job. We are groped, slapped, exposed to screaming family members, filth, and conditions not often addressed by our employers. Before HIPAA, there was the Hippocratic Oath, so we as Caregivers just brush it off as another day on the job, since most of us grew up under similar conditions. We just want to make the world a better place. We are all gentle souls who love people and just need a job. Some people are in transition from homelessness, some are transitioning to better health care jobs, and others simply enjoy part-time in home care. Regardless of our life station, the Caregiver labor market bears a striking similarity to another labor market.

Carers face things in the American home that may not always be predictable, as sex workers do. If this correlation and observation offends you, then kindly complete this Hurt Feelings Report.

As Home Care Assistance CEO and Founder, Lily Sarafan states of the in home care market, “it is like doing business in 50 different countries”.

Imagine what the in home care market looks like for all 6 US Territories: the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

Since our focus here at Heidi Duty is Veterans, let me offer you this observation. Even as a self confessed right wing maniac who is #radicallygendered, as Mother called me from a young age, I must admit the left does a far better job of advancing an economy where health is the greatest wealth.

Wait a minute, I know your Staffing Manager is texting you to ask you to fill in on a shift all the way across town from the other two shifts you already covered in your Clear Care app. Let me give you a break to answer that, because I know you’re going to say yes. You need the money, and you want to prove yourself, because you are young and you have heard all your life that young people suck, are lazy, entitled, and look at their iPhone too much. Don’t listen to those mean evil voices. You are a good person. You don’t always have to say “yes”. I don’t know who stole your ability to say “no”, but you must say it sometimes to care for yourself. Generation Z and Millennials are good and we need you to care for us in our elder years.

Okay, I know you said yes, but you didn’t have to. You didn’t say yes just because you need the extra hours, but because you know that someone needs your help just to achieve some basic tasks of daily living.

Caregivers who say, “money isn’t everything”, are not making a final resignation to poverty. Caregivers, like Sex Workers, Veterans, Civilian Allies, Public School Teachers, Public Librarians, and Cops know that money is a medium of exchange and a store of value. The greater economy is in being gentle and resourceful, laying your life on the line up front. It is the truth that we need money, but it is not money itself that is evil, but the love of money that is the root of all evil. That we would respect and manage money, but love people remains our challenge. Money doesn’t matter when you have been shot during a 911 call for domestic violence, or you have been wounded in battle, or during an active shooter situation. People matter. Shout out to the greatest impromptu Caregiver in America, Antoinette Tuff, who de-escalated an active shooter situation at a public school in Georgia simply by caring enough to listen to this misguided person’s position and offer him #warmcare. Some people on the right have accused me of being a gun grabber, but nothing is further from the truth. I have only observed that more guns won’t keep you safe if your brain is coming apart like a two dollar suitcase. The better thing for safety is to pay attention to one another with #warmcare that is neither invasive nor patronizing, but values health as the greatest wealth.

As crypto currency markets emerge, perhaps also a Federal standard for Caregivers and sex workers will be established in the rule of law. More malevolent than treating elderly & vulnerable adults as though they are old and in the way is to treat our youth as a source of anxiety whose lives have no value. Hear me loud and clear Generation Z. Millennials. Your lives have equal value to anyone else’s, and the reason you may have turned to narcotics, tobacco, vaping, alcohol, gluttony, microwave relationships on the Internet, sex work, etc…you are trying to escape ghosts from abusive elders who mistreated you. Brush yourself off and look in the mirror, Kid. You’re a diamond, and you’re not rough. You’re gentle and resourceful. You’re a total Ninja. You will outlive those ghosts, and beyond forgiveness is acceptance of unacceptable behavior. The challenge is never to become those ghosts or abusive elders whose company was less desirable than that of drug addicts. Press forward. Keep going.

So before you catch the bus, Uber, or drive to your next shift, please communicate your affinity for the reality of sex workers on the street, strip clubs, at home trolling for some porn site, on a land line working phone sex, or working incall/outcall as an Escort.

Their lives matter too. No matter our orientation, gender, gender identity, felony status, country of origin, legal residence, ethnicity – all lives have equal value. That doesn’t mean we are above the law, but it does mean we must stop being so quick to punish one another in thought and deed. We must stop, look, and listen to build an economy where all lives have equal value.

Austrian Economics will save us from bureaucracy, but not by being anti-government. Austrian Economics will help us to pull with, not push against, bureaucracy. Using forces rather than fighting them will help us all.

As I have also said many times, I would rather be a woman earning less money than a man in our American free enterprise economy than a woman earning the same as a man in a Marxist command and control economy like North Korea and Cuba. This is not to say that I should not earn the same as a man for the same work, but in a free market economy, some skills are valued at a higher dollar value than others. Caregiving has traditionally been a function of legal marriage, not labor markets. That we would stop fighting over the definition of marriage, and respect the rule of law as it is might help Caregivers.

Benefits, which are all but non-existent for in home care workers, only exist in the form of the Affordable Care Act. Love it or hate it, that President Obama had the courage to pass the ACA makes health insurance available to low wage health care workers. The portability of this insurance helps low wage health care workers transition to higher wage jobs within the health care industry. Whether or not you are wild about the ACA or you voted for President Obama, and even if you are a right wing maniac like me, you must see this very real way the ACA will help young people help us as we age.

AARP defines 55% of Caregivers as women, and 45% as men. Shout out to all Carers. You all rock. Yet science proves and all religion observes that women build an economy that is far more based on qualitative terms than quantitative terms. We are natural communists. Our sex is 100% command and control. We do not give logical answers when our authority is questioned. We are too busy for that, with an infinite number of umbilical cords in our brain attaching us to all the people and situations who demand our attention. We will answer, “Because I said so”, in response to any question to our authority. This is actually very clean logic, but it feels so illogical when people expect us to justify our authority or tell us the reason behind our rules. Principles govern rules, and anyone in authority must adapt rules to changing times while remaining true to eternal principles. This is the true test of authority, but women will not explain to you why we want you to stop doing this or that. Because we said so is explanation enough.

Women’s challenge remains to administrate charity in an authoritative way, and authority in a charitable way. The same is a challenge for men, and that we would have more respect for everyone’s authority may help us cure the labor market shortage for in home care workers. Respect may make sex workers a thing of the past. Sex work is not the world’s oldest profession. Caregiving is the original profession for women. Being a help mate opposite men does not mean we are less in value. It means we are Caregivers by nature, but by nurture we must create an economy where all lives have equal value and health is valued as the greatest wealth.

Thanks for listening.

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