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Happy Veterans Day: The Camouflage Wave



I imagine the two things that cause Ray to sing his song in fluent Sailor from The Wild Blue Yonder are the recent election of 78 Veterans and the winning season our Florida Gators are having.

IAVA calls this the Camouflage Wave, and it is a welcome one. Ray lived through a time when most movie stars and public figures were Veterans. He also lived in Florida during the Jim Crow days, and courageously stood for people who were locked out of labor markets at Eastern Airlines. He was never afraid to be considered the Cranky Yankee, he believed in Federal rule of law as it is, and yes, most importantly, he spoke fluent Sailor in front of God and His witnesses anytime, anywhere, for any reason. He saw that my Grandma Mag was paid on par with an airline mechanic, and helped World War II Veterans that were forced to be janitors at the Miami International Airport to retrain as airline mechanics for Eastern Airlines. He welcomed Veterans all and appreciated their service. He was proud to report to Tuskeegee Airman, Col. Hannibal “Killer” Cox. He loved Hannibal’s sign, “It’s hard to soar like an Eagle when you work with a bunch of turkeys. Ray respected authority, while challenging it appropriately.

Granted, gender roles have changed, borders and barriers are falling down, and those who were excluded or treated inhumanely are protected by our current rule of law.

Ray & I share a basic libertarian economic truth that when you empower a market or a person to live openly and transparently you have a better shot at a truly moral society. When you suppress something or someone such that they cannot exist within the established rule of law, you have created a new class of criminals. The more we in the religious community can practice more than preach, the more we all win. Rather than fight through legalism, we will win all arguments by committing to improving America’s health.

Surely Ray would be proud of us all if he knew we were going back to the future with Citizen Soldiers and using our Military to beat swords into plowshares. Although he claimed to be a Yellow Dog Democrat, there is a reason he married a Right Wing Maniac like me and retired to Upstate South Carolina. He was an Old School Military Man who talked a good game about feminism in abstract theory, but was as stoic, stalwart, and unchanging in his manhood as the patriarchs of yore. He had a crush on Secretary Hillary Clinton big time, and I never discouraged his affection for her. In fact I share it, since she’s part of our Human Family too.

While hollering at the analog television set for Hillary to do things to Republicans I cannot repeat here, I would suggest accepting a job at the local newspaper. “Hey, Honey…how about I start working for the Tribune?” He would answer back with something really supportive like, “How about you make me meatloaf for supper and don’t forget I like my gravy a bit lumpy. I love you, Lena. Please stay with me. I’m too little to be alone.” So I kissed my Ole and tied on my apron and fulfilled his request, making myself something vegetarian while I made him his meatloaf with mushroom gravy, a bit lumpy of course, with homemade mashed potatoes, and freshly snapped green beans. The truth is I love taking care of people, and appreciate a world that goes a bit slower, and it’s okay if we’re a bit dithery and in need of one another’s company. That’s what Caregiving is all about, Folks.

I think we’re all like Ray. We may be all scrunched up when we are younger and full of steam, but as age mellows us we get little and things that seemed big and worrisome are just small and inconsequential. It is more fun to holler and curse at Republicans from the comfort of your own easy chair, held together with duct tape and a staple gun, when you are married to one and she takes care of you. Nothing else seems significant when you have someone to love and care for who does the same for you.

What is significant is how America turned out to elect 78 Veterans from both parties this year. Keep it a winning season during these holidays and remember that we’re all too little to be left alone.

#VetSafe #GoGators #TeamUSA #globalstandards #supercozy

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