Happy Veterans’ Day to all who served, and their families.

While the debate over health care in America rages on, we often forget that the United States Veteran has been under socialized medicine since 1865. I will leave it to you to judge its efficiency or lack thereof, but I encourage you to speak directly to a Veteran to get their opinion of the Veterans Administration.

Although my preference is for business, not bureaucracy, studies show that Veterans who are in the VA System have a better chance of survival in civilian life:


Here are resources for survivors of Veterans:


Here are the Spokane/Cœur d’Alene VA resources:

Healthcare for Homeless Veterans:


Veteran Housing for Homeless Veterans:


Mann Grandstaff Veterans Administration:


Spokane County Regional Veteran Services:


VA Outreach Center Mental Health Counseling:


North Idaho Community Based VA Outpatient Clinic:


Please support your local Applebees for serving free meals to Veterans today:


Above all, remember that whatever you say is free speech because of the United States Veteran. Just ask yourself before you post online, “Will my words help or harm American Veterans & Troops on active duty?”

May we never make their extreme sacrifice only a cause for ceremony, but a call for sacrament of our civilian culture that must become more connected to Military life.

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