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My experience as a service family member gives me a passion for teaching gun safety as a health issue. I earned my Home Care Aide license in WA State, and have worked as a Carer in an unlicensed capacity all my life all over America.

I served as Cemetery Commissioner in Milan District #5 Spokane County, WA as a Libertarian Party member from 1999-2001. One of the most heart breaking things about my service was helping family members whose young loved one was killed due to senseless drunk driving or violence. We must build a dominant culture where all lives have equal value so no one enters death before their natural time.

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Ray’s Favorite Chicken Pot Pie

By Heidi Christensen | July 2, 2019

  Here is Ray’s Favorite Chicken Pot Pie. There are many ways to make it with ingredients, but there is only one way to make food – slowly and with lots of love. Please note you…

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