Heidi's Heroes

Dr. Olivia Hooker, First African-American Woman to Join Coast Guard

By Heidi Christensen | February 11, 2019

Check out this article from Navy Times about the exciting life of Dr. Olivia Hooker: Dr. Olivia Hooker, US Coast Guard Veteran So many things are remarkable about her life, especially that she served her country even after being a victim of terrorism in Tulsa. It is neither politically correct nor incorrect to insist that…

Anwar Majors Al-Ghani

By Heidi Christensen | February 5, 2019

I had the privilege of working for a true Spokane Hero, Mr. Anwar Majors Al-Ghani aka Lei Majors, during a difficult period in my life. I worked an outbound call Team, and came on to his inbound call Team at Sykes. He improved my sales skills and I contributed to his Team. Native to Long…

Hidden Heroes

By Heidi Christensen | December 1, 2018

I caught a Today show story about this exciting new campaign by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation while working yesterday: Anyone who is in the situation of caring for a Hero at home can access resources here: Hidden Heroes There are many beautiful and human stories of Carers and their Veterans. Robert Grier touches my heart,…