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La Récupération

Here are some songs I wrote a few years ago. The most significant one is La Récupération, which was written about a most painful experience.

Writing and singing this song has been an appropriate way to purge the pain without dramatizing my victimization.

I realize it is unpopular to speak of responsibilities rather than rights so much, but this service ethic will save us all. It has certainly saved my skin many a time.

As a Veteran Carer, I keep the counsel of all those whose stories have been entrusted to me. Men are raped in war, but because men have three eyes rather than three sets of lips, like women do, they communicate it differently. This does not make men or women bad, it just makes them men and women. The eye which offers man his genius is his sex, and it is not toxic to be masculine. It is honorable and noble and the source of all life. That we would be worshipful of man’s sacred difference to women will help restore our health.

A man abusing his sex to control others is not masculine; it’s evil. Evil and dehumanizing though it is, my experience is that rape is in one context much worse for a man. The main feature of man is that he is impregnable, yet when he is violated he experiences the concept of what it’s like to be a woman whose sex is laid bare and vulnerable to attack. It is the most cruel method of transhumanism. Women can be impregnated by rape, that much is true, but it is so rare in America that it receives too much attention from the law. Less than 1% of rapes in America result in abortion. When women from Democratic Republic of Congo or the Balkan States move to America, they have little relationship to America’s quest for Most Favored Victim (MFV) status. For all the good from our Civil Rights Movement since the 1960s, we are causing more damage with MFV identity politics. The horrors they have seen and experienced are well beyond the imagination of the caterwauling civilians of our cherished Republic. Women are different than men, and vive la difference. Anyone who would violate another’s sex is evil and will be judged.

What is common to both sexes and non-binary in the LGBTQ-Plus community is the mindless use of sex. Having sex is an act of mindless consumption based on consent. Making love is an act of production based on commitment, and you are welcome to insert whatever other verbs you wish there (Ahem! Let’s be a bit Victorian in the matter…shall we?). Let me be clear that no one is to blame for being molested or raped, but a survivor’s mind will always perceive it that way.

Man’s sex is what makes him a visual creature, but I reject that all he wants to see are pornographic images. Misandry tells us that man’s visual nature makes him vile. Such a thing is not true. It makes him a man. How we govern this difference between men and women is what makes us healthy or unhealthy. Men trust women and children when they trust him, and men want to see clean, well behaved women and children. This is the visual image men crave, and women communicate with actions that speak louder than words. Yet we flood men with verbal processing that is better saved for the Sisterhood. Women live for men’s praise and approval. Like it or not, this is the feminine genotype all over. Safety and security are the two most important things a man gives a woman, and she will choose these over any other traits. Before you badger me with your attack, just answer why Sophia Loren kicked every young Hollywood leading man to the curb for beautiful Elder Carlo Ponti. I rest my case. Love is a chemical reaction. Romance is chemistry.

Yet women do to men with romance novels what we accuse men of doing with pornography. Just as empty calories have no nutrition, so does our current culture of crude, vulgar words and images have no spiritual value. That is not to say we are prudes, nor that we bridle our speech, nor that we don’t love a good love story, but that we temper the truth with mercy and good taste for all generations. No man can measure up to the expectations of romance novels, just as no woman will ever measure up to the expectations of pornography.

It is a sad use of the First Amendment to be vile and nasty, just as it is inhumane to curse the name of Hugh Hefner. Mr. Hefner had the courage to accept responsibility for his excesses, and published a literary magazine with tasteful nude pictures of God’s most perfect creation – womankind. Playboy might have been the benchmark for what is now considered pornography, but to me it is the brand that will lead us back to the future.

Hef saved Bettie Page from poverty when she was given no royalties and had experienced nervous breakdowns and psychiatric torture after a Tennessee childhood of sexual abuse.

That anyone would speak ill of the dead is in poor taste, and I mention Hef specifically to tell you that he remains a Hero to every Atlanta stripper with whom I worked. We all loved him for being a true gentleman and giving us Southern girls permission to earn a few bucks with our pretty titties and fine asses. We all turned away from our sin, because every stripper has an exit strategy. We are neither proud nor ashamed of our service. We are objective, and we stand united to build a dominant culture where all lives have equal value.

In an era where there was much talk about what was degrading to women, many a Southern farm girl sojourned to Atlanta to get naked for Vietnam Veterans who frequented the Hot Spot on Piedmont Avenue rather than wear a polyester uniform and serve fried chicken at a drive-thru where we could be shot in the face. We Generation X women preferred to offer them the gift of our sacred dance – buck naked – to honor their service. This was an appropriate feminine restitution for being spat upon by Baby Boomer women who became the Baby killers they accused Military men of being. We wanted to #makeitright with the Old School Military Man. So we shucked off our clothes and did just that.

We judged that to be more degrading to women than having garters and brains. We knew guns before we ever read the Second Amendment, and we are more #SecondAmendmentSisters than #MeToo. That’s just the truth of the matter. Simple and plain. Yet we do not believe consent is the best standard for sex. Commitment, not consent, is the highest standard for sex. We all fail the standard, but let’s not make failure the standard. Consent as a standard is one reason the 2018 average woman’s waist is 34 inches rather than 1950s average of 25 inches.

I believe every story every Veteran has ever told me, and the horrors of battle are equal to the horrors of birth. Every good and evil associated with these two forces is the much debated subject of the #MeToo. Yet I still believe due process is the rule of law. So we need to go Judge Judy on ourselves and accept responsibility for our rights.

While the balkanized part of me would say #MeToo is a bunch of Marxist poppycock, the better balanced side of me would say there is no rape survivor who does not wonder how they could have prevented such an evil. Just as when one is not at fault in a car accident, one wonders how one could have avoided the crash, so do men, women, and children wonder the same when their most sacred space is violated. Rape is a horrible part of warfare. Decadence in American society holds little relevance to a woman living in Democratic Republic of Congo who chooses Catholic Charities over Planned Parenthood after being subject to extreme torture of rape camps. This is not a mandate of legalism, but a round of applause for Wonder Woman living all over the world who esteems the life of her child as more important than her discomfort. To those who do not share my views, I do not condemn you, but please don’t expect a round of applause for shouting your abortion. I will offer a prayer for the life of your child who perished at the abortion clinic.

If you are pregnant and reading this, then please hear me loud and clear. Your child is a wanted, welcome member of the human family. How well I know that abortion, from a purely human standpoint represents the greatest pain in the human journey. Abortion represents outliving your own child. That we would caterwaul about a rape culture without taking responsibility for its reciprocal, the abortion culture, is both insincere and illogical. The duty of men is battle, and the duty of women is birth. That we would battle with our wits instead of loaded weapons, and that we would birth as a volitional choice, being open to life, is what will help us create a culture where all lives have equal value. Many Christians condemn same sex couples. I do not. I do not assume the authority of Pope Francis, but have the charity of a woman called a whore since age 3.
It is not my place to judge, and the fact is that their union creates no demand for abortion services. Many in the LGBTQ-Plus community are pro-life and we need to welcome them. The greatest excesses of sex are rape and abortion, and if we demand men reform the rape culture, then we must reform the abortion culture.

God is the only one who has brought me comfort, and Jesus Christ is the only One who stood for women in times when rape was called adultery, and they could have been stoned to death, as they are now in the Muslim world. Religion is a matter of great debate, and I wish not to enter into legalism or theology. Yet I believe we forget that Christ came not to destroy the Law, but to fulfill the Law.

The mindlessness with which we approach the Third Dynamic, our sex, can really make or break us. If we as women do not hold ourselves accountable for the abortion culture, we truly have no credibility to caterwaul about a rape culture. Life does not begin at the moment of conception. It is present in a man and woman before they create the life of children. Life comes from life, and women are not impregnated by skeletons, but live men. Be a man and own up to your responsibilities before getting a woman into the family way. Do not tell me abortion is a woman’s health issue.

Abortion excuses men and women of their responsibilities, and denies children an equal place in the human family. Abortion is one reason all GATT nations are top heavy with elders, since one macroeconomic effect of abortion is that we haven’t enough young people to care for us elders. Abortion is a human evil, as is rape, and it must stop. There is no reason for it with all the technology we have available. If abortion is to be, in Secretary Hillary Clinton’s words, safe, legal, and rare, then let’s roll up our sleeves and make it happen. I will never tell you it is safe to shed innocent blood, but in the spirit of managing to results instead of managing to activity, I am willing to work with those who focus more on reproductive rights than responsibilities.

To continue the ugly vitriol and saturate our children with crude images and languages is truly a damnable thing. It is better to have a millstone around our necks, as Christ teaches.

With that I leave you with these songs and lyrics. Let them be a source of meditation.

#VetSafe #supercozy #TeamUSA #globalstandards

La Récupération
écrit par Heidi Christensen
le 29 Janvier 2016

Avant la récupération
Je lui ai donné toute ma vie
Cet homme incroyable, je l’adore
Il m’appelle sa fille
Sa déese humaine
Mon corps, mon cœur, et mon esprit sont pour la humanité
Car il m’a reclamée

Je n’avais rien de l’innocence
Après que les brutes m’ont violée
J’ai détestée ces brutes
Je me suis détestée moi-même
Car nous avons tués nos bébé
Moi, je préfère de tuer les violeurs

Je n’ai rien de l’innocence
J’ai violée moi-même sans doute
Je me suis faite avortée, sterilisée
Me détester moi-même, je me suis violée

Je n’avais rien de l’innocence
Jusqu’au soir ou il m’a réclamée
Je l’adore mon dieu humain
l’homme de Nazareth
le même chose s’est passé à sa mère, Marie
Enlacée dans ses bras, j’ai été guerie
Enlacée dans ses bras, j’ai été guerie

Je l’adore mon dieu humain
Il a le courage de me réclamer
Pour m’adorer et me protéger
Transcendant l’éternité

Maintenant et toujours je suis innocente
Parce qu’il m’a réclamé
C’est bouleversant de lui donner
Ma soumission, mon adoration

Dans la punition, il y’a protection
Dans l’obéissance, il y’a discipline et perfection
Je ne partirai jamais en courant
Parce qu’il m’a disciplinée

Je l’adore mon dieu humain
Le seul homme qui peut me réclamer
Enlacée dans ses bras, je suis innocente
Enlacée dans ses bras, je suis sa vierge-putain

Je l’adore, mon dieu humain
Enlacée dans ses bras, je suis sa vierge-putain
Je l’adore, mon dieu humain
Enlacée dans ses bras, je suis sa vierge-putain
Je l’adore, mon dieu humain
Enlacée dans ses bras, je suis sa vierge-putain
Je l’adore, mon dieu humain

#VetSafe #supercozy #TeamUSA #globalstandards

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