When I picked up Melinda Gates’ new book, I expected to be bombarded with statistics, identity politics, and the authoritarian seeming policies of the left that keep me branded as a Right Wing Maniac.

Well I was wrong. Written with personal anecdotes, humility, and pain, “A Moment of Lift” truly gives me hope.

The sunny smiled, brown-eyed girl, brainiac beauty from Texas details how when we move from equality to connection, we increase everyone’s well being.

Melinda’s personable style is quite relatable, and I appreciate her testimony. I don’t know that I will ever be able to claim her same beliefs, but her testimony causes me to see how I marginalize myself and keep myself an outsider. While Melinda defines much of what women do as “crummy tasks”, I define them as a joy. In not being squeamish and doing duties others in my family found revolting, I earned God’s favor, even if still not allowed to eat at the supper table. I thought that was normal. Even though the table was round, I was rarely allowed to eat there because I am left-handed. So I learned to June-bug around, be of value to others, and earn the favor of the God of Abraham.

As a Catholic myself, I neither have the authority to pull Melinda’s hair, nor to challenge our Holy See regarding women in Priesthood, nor on contraceptives. While she offers some compelling evidence of how contraceptives could actually prevent abortions, she does not mention how men should emulate the life of Saint Joseph, who protected Our Lady’s virginity. An often ignored fact when mentioning “equality” is that we are all equal in value, but not in form or function. I believe Melinda gets to this point in the end when she expresses her true desire is for more empathy and connection, not in the authoritarian Orwellian vision of equality.

Whether or not you love or hate the Catholic Church, it is sure that Melinda’s “all in” call for pulling people in from the margins without pushing others out is evidence of her faith in action. While I do not hold her same position on all gender matters, I appreciate her courage and integrity. Ignored when speaking of women’s suffering in birth is how horribly men suffer in battle. Yet science proves that battle is healthy for men, as birth is healthy for women.

Here is one example of how we are opposites, as zero is opposite of one. Zero is the point of origin, and the gatekeeper between the positive and the negative. Zero in a computer science view is not one’s lesser value: zero is its opposite. The same is true for gender in my humble view.

To desire women to be equal in form and function to men in religious life is a culture of death, in my humble opinion. Men cannot be Mothers; women cannot be Priests without diminishing the power of Mothers. Educating women is a concept that stems from Judaism, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Roman Catholic Church: not modern day social Marxists. Fix the family, and you have fixed everything. This is true for the human family as it is the nuclear family. The innate genius of womankind is in her authoritative administration of charity, as man’s is in his charitable administration of authority. This balance is what we need. Without protecting womankind’s charitable nature, we get followers of Charles Manson instead of healthy families. We get crude pornography on demand that does not qualify as tasteful erotica, while Mothers are arrested for public breastfeeding. Children are treated as criminals and sources of anxiety before they are even born. This is a culture of death.

As a child of a deaf public school teacher who did God knows what to help Mother, I used to crave the day when I could be married to a Military man, join the Military myself, then have a bunch of healthy children. Through sins against me, and my own sins against God, my life did not work out exactly that way. I walked a long road until I turned away from the abuse I re-created in my adult life. It was all worth the wait; my beautiful husband Ray remains my greatest blessing.

My beautiful husband Ray believed in women as Melinda’s Dad did. He gave them chances in business and respected their perspective. Ray was my moment of lift.

In an era where we move too fast, covet too much, and are too cynical, “A Moment of Lift” gives us hope that we can connect through empathy. Melinda gives me hope that I can stop pushing myself to the margins. Melinda gives me hope that we can build a dominant culture where all lives have equal value. This is a wonderful read, full of uplifting stories that will cause us all to have more compassion for one another. Buy it now: https://www.amazon.com/Moment-Lift-Empowering-Women-Changes-ebook/dp/B07FCJPWST

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