Shoot Like A Girl

Good morning,

This weekend includes the holy days of Passover and Easter. Whether or not you recognize these holidays in a religious or spiritual sense, you can agree that we are most blessed to live in America where we are free to choose.

One of the best ways to protect freedom of choice is to place a greater emphasis on our individual responsibilities to protect those rights guaranteed by our Constitution. This is the mind set of knowing that the Bill of Rights is a privilege to be guarded with actions, not words.

One of the best examples of this is Kelly Armenta, NRA Certified Gun Instructor. While today’s CWP class is full, please check the schedule regularly.

Kelly is smart, straight, direct, and no-nonsense. As a general rule, you never want to pay people money to be your “Yes Man”. You want to pay people to offer you their expertise and counsel in areas where you want to improve. Kelly and her Shoot Like A Girl series are well worth the money spent. She will set you straight on self defense.

A valid South Carolina CWP is a requirement to work with Heidi Duty, so if you’re serious about protecting your rights, then taking responsibility is the only way. Most Carers are women, but many are men. I am not of a mind to enter the gender debate. I don’t mean to sound like a right wing maniac; it just comes naturally.

Ladies, there is a lot of conversation about women’s empowerment on the air waves. Yet in the eternal sense, as Roseanne says, “no one gives you power…you just take it.” The reality is that in spite of any frustrations and ills we as women in America may perceive, men have their own frustrations. Let’s get outside of our own ego, and work together in our We-Go.

We are better off in America than anywhere else on Earth. Of 267 world entities, people vote with their feet that the United States of America is the #1 place to be. So if you care about America, then remember that thoughts create actions, actions create habits, habits create character, and character creates destiny. You cannot be a Veteran Caregiver without being able to understand why guns are important to Veterans. On this site, safety is the main subject of the Second Amendment. No other arguments will be entertained. Mind over matter. Self control is the best gun control.

We all have had bad experiences in life, but instead of caterwauling and dramatizing our victimization, we must survive it and become stronger for that which did not kill us. This is tough talk, you might say. Tough love is a redundancy. The toughest thing you can do is love. You have to love enough to know how to empower people without enabling people, and that’s why I state specifically that I do not offer careers, but jobs. Work. Work is not a four letter word in Spanish, which may explain the high demand for undocumented workers in the labor market. Trabajo is the word for work in Spanish, and you will note that it has seven letters, not four. Say it with me. Work. W-O-R-K. Let’s stop treating work like a four letter word, and respect the authority of all workers. If you want to be an expert on a subject, then you have to work. Work like you’re a so-called illegal immigrant, and we’ll all go back to the future as to how America was built.

The idea of work in America is that we are free to choose where we work and can advance our earnings through integrity, industry, and investment in our skills.

Take your CWP class at Salem Gun and Archery if you are in Oconee County. Outside of Oconee County, please check this SLED list of certified CWP instructors.

I have never been of a mind to compete with men in their core competencies, nor diminish mine as a woman, nor engage in bitter discourse of the sorry state of the world. I choose to meditate on what things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report, like the Apostle Paul said. Empower yourself by working with available resources in gentle fashion. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t have.

In closing, check with Salem Gun and Archery for future CWP classes. Richard Belmore and Kelly Armenta are awesome instructors, who have your best interest at heart. Have a blessed day and a great weekend.

Thanks for listening.