Spiritual but not religious describes many Millennial Veterans.

Your role is a Carer is never to judge, always to listen, act, and empathize.

Your detail is to imbue your Hero’s environment with a sense of ceremony.  Keep it clean, arrange things in a way pleasing to your Vet, and work with available resources to keep everything welcoming.  Potpourri from thrift stores helps.  Incense helps.  Bathing their pet helps.  A Crock Pot full of homemade chicken soup with wide egg noodles, carrots, onions, and celery helps.

More importantly, recognizing this important shift from institutional religion to individual spirituality as neither good nor bad will help you understand your Vet.  All situations are neutral.  It’s how we act, not react toward them that matters.

It is not that you do not have your own value judgments, but you never voice them.  Today’s Vet does not need words, but actions.  We must place personal relationships above personal opinions.

South Carolina has a beautiful notch in the Bible Belt.  We are good to our Veterans.  Here is a brief resource page:

The Palmetto Passport for Veterans is one great reason to relocate to South Carolina.

Anderson County VA

Oconee County VA

Pickens County VA

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday in sunny South Carolina.  Thanks for caring about America’s Veterans.

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