A friend of mine recently shared this article about Veterans killing themselves right in the VA facilities meant to serve them.

My preference is for business, not bureaucracy. However, this is not about throwing the VA under the bus. Before we had the bureaucracy of the VA, we had the business of charitable people, mostly women, who cared for those affected by combat and service.

Walt Whitman, poet and Carer for those affected by the American Civil War on both sides asked, “What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life.” That we should ask ourselves that silent question and read that level of emotion in our Veterans will save their lives.

We need President Trump to empower family Caregivers and people of promise to gain the skill necessary to save lives.

I have often been questioned about why learning gun safety is mandatory for Veteran Caregivers. It is not because I believe in abrogating their access to our Bill of Rights, but because we always save lives when we pay attention.

In Washington State, it costs about a thousand dollars to become a Home Care Aide. This is money many young people do not have. Caregiving is an emotionally and physically demanding job for less money than young people can make in other markets. We need to encourage them to serve our Heroes as Carers.

I wonder how we could cut the red tape to get more people into this entry level health care work to save our Heroes. We are all Heroes, and we are all villains too. Service above self is our only redemption. I wonder if we could stop playing the blame game and focus on zeroing out Veteran suicide.

Here is the article:


We must provide the care, and create the comfort to quote the VFW’s James Moss. We must never give up.

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