As Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill so aptly said, “All politics are local”.

This could not be more true as we set an example for the new generation of voters.

While much of my blog is imbued with my views as a Right Wing Maniac, I am always on the side of Veterans running for office.

Here are a few notable non-partisan elections:

Shawn Poole, Army Veteran, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Bronze Star Medal

City of Spokane Mayor

Dg Garcia, Air Force Veteran, Liberty Lake City Council Position 1

Phil Folyer, Retired Army National Guard Veteran, Rank E-8 1st Sergeant, Liberty Lake City Council Position 1

Jeanette Marie Nall, Air Force Veteran, Liberty Lake City Council Position 7

Mike Fagan, Army Veteran, Spokane City Council, District 1 running for Council President

Get out there and vote in municipal elections this primary and voting day.

Register to vote here in Spokane County, Washington or Oconee County, South Carolina:

Follow this link to register to vote anywhere in the USA:

Encourage Veterans to run for office. Encourage others to register to vote. Let’s make this a record year for voter turnout.

Happy Independence Day. Thank you Veterans for your many sacrifices.

#VetSafe #TeamUSA #supercozy