Welcome to my kitchen. My goal is to clean up my habits in 2020, not just diet or lose weight.

I have been running on fumes for too long and commit to refining my routine to simplify health:

Eat Less
Move More

No matter how much you coach me, you will always see whole milk products and beef in my kitchen. While I do limit my meat/dairy intake, I always feel better with the intake of higher fat/higher protein dairy products.

Healthy fats also help those recovering from TBIs, particularly our Heroes:


I am all for environmental conservation, but not at the expense of human health. The body needs healthy fats and proteins. As a health care professional and Right Wing Maniac, I urge you to research before buying into any new trend or fad. Eating powdered bugs and almond milk may be good for some people, but it may not be the best for you.

Notice that I did purchase a microwave, which was a radical thing for me to do. I have lived most of my adult life without one, and I am still healthy at nearly a half century old. My annoyance with their over use may be tempered by their appropriate context in space ships. As I still live on Planet Earth, my GE stove/oven is my primary cooking tool. If I ever live on a rocket ship, I may use it more often.

My goal is to make healthy recipe videos to connect with you and encourage you in your Caregiving journey. Don’t forget to take yourself as your first client. I remind myself of this constantly.

Write down new goals. Love negative people from a distance. Connect with yourself and limit your inner circle to people who uplift you. Live your own dreams, not someone else’s. Be honest. Get enough rest & sleep. Work hard. Play hard. Be silly.

Happy New Year.

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