Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to my Dolly Parton Garden. No matter where we lived, Mother always encouraged me to create a cheery landscape where my beloved Dolly Parton could come sit a spell and relax.

I always make sure to have Marigolds a plenty, and something to attract Birds and Butterflies.

I recently read a book by Lauren Marino, called “What Would Dolly Do?”

What Would Dolly Do? By Lauren Marino

It is one of the best books I have ever read. It explains why Miss Dolly remains relevant and relatable to all people.

Caregivers must have a respite, and creating your own meditation space is a good way to relax.

Who inspires you? Who cheers you up? That lovely Lady Dolly Parton inspires me and cheers me up, so I built her this little garden. Everyone is welcome, especially that Lemon Ice Box Pie of a Ninja Warrior Woman, Dolly Parton.



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What Would Dolly Do? By Lauren Marino