Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more common questions and requests are addressed below. If you have questions not answered here, please reach out using our contact form.

Q: Why do you focus on gun safety?

A: Twenty Veterans per day die from complications of PTSD. 70% of these PTSD related deaths result from a Veteran’s own firearm according to Military Times.

Veterans have so much to teach America and the world about the importance of gun safety.  Our focus is with the knowledge that 100% of gun violence is preventable through education.  Caregivers are the key to providing the care & creating the comfort.

Q: Why do you focus on Veterans? 

A: Only 1% of the American population volunteers and takes an oath to defend the Constitution with their life.  Their commitment requires the remaining 99% of America to learn from them and care for them.

Q: Why do you provide Caregiver Alternatives to Cannabis? 

A: In spite of the many subjective health benefits of smoking/ingesting Cannabis, it is well known that all smoke contains toxic carbon monoxide, and exacerbates paranoia.  Also, Cannabis is currently illegal by Federal law.  Cannabis prevents success over the long term and is neither recommended nor enabled, but individual choices are respected.

Q: How can I become a Caregiver?

A: Contact me via the web form.  I will refer you to a rewarding entry into the health care profession.  Sex work, drug addiction, criminal records, nor houselessness need discourage you.  The world needs you here, and if you’re reading this you have a heart for Veterans.  We will work with available resources to help you turn your life around. You are welcome to emulate what I do within my local community to make your mark in your local community. I do not hire at this time, nor have immediate plans to pay anyone. Money is an overused and abused economic indictor, albeit an important one. The economic indicator Heidi Duty uses is Veteran suicide. 20 Veteran suicides per day means America is completely bankrupt in health terms. The demand for services shows on this website are universal. I invite you to act locally within our global community to “glocalize” these services.

Q: Who is Heidi Duty? 

A: The organization was founded and is operated by Heidi Christensen, NAC, Washington State Nurse Aide Certified. However, we are all Heidi Duty, and it’s always Heidi Duty Time.  When we have an opportunity to provide the care & create the comfort for a Veteran, we are always doing our Heidi Duty.